By Zachary Coffey

Having won 11 titles in the past 17 years, it is safe to say that fans of professional sports teams in New England have had their fair share of championship parades. For the fourth time in 15 years, thousands of Red Sox fans lined the streets of Boston to celebrate the team winning the World Series in just five games against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

Before the team rode through the streets of Boston, Manger Alex Cora gave some words to fans in Fenway Park. He brought up the past, recollecting on when the Red Sox’s had three consecutive postseason losses, recalling how people thought the, “sky was falling,” after they lost to the Yankees in game two of the American League Division Series this year. After Cora commented on how the Red Sox put up 16 runs in Yankee Stadium, he took a jab at Yankee fans, saying, “I’ve been saying since day one, this is crazy, this is madness.” Cora also mentioned that his players share the same high expectations as their fans do commenting, “And that’s why they are world champs.”  

After Cora spoke in Fenway it was finally time to hit the streets of Boston. The duck boats started the parade on Boylston Street at approximately 11 a.m. and ended on Staniford Street. Fans waited in anticipation for the duck boats to take a turn down their street. When they did, the fans were greeted with confetti, booming music and the World Series champions.  

The day was filled mostly with highlights but also had some lowlights, as fans were throwing beer cans at duck boats. While some were welcomed by the players, others were not warranted and hit players, managers, and family members in the parade. The World Series trophy was also damaged by a beer can. However, whether it was belting out a Boston classic like, “Sweet Caroline,” or cheering on one’s favorite player riding on a duck boat, the fans still kept the streets of Boston electric.  

While the parade is nothing new for fans of the Red Sox, the 2018 championship win was the first for many of the team’s star players, like David Price, Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, and Andrew Benintendi.  

While the parade was the talk of New England, there was some other Red Sox news that has recently surfaced. Price told reporters that he will not exercise the opt-out option in his contract. This means that the left-handed pitcher, who helped lead the Red Sox to victory despite being heavily criticized for certain performances throughout the postseason, will be back in a Red Sox uniform in 2019 and is set to remain on the team through the rest of his seven-year contract, which runs until 2022. In addition, the Red Sox announced they were exercising their $15 million option for next season to retain Chris Sale, another star pitcher. Now that the Red Sox have kept two of their star pitchers, fans are already excited to see what next season holds.