Less than a month ago, Steve Forbes visited our campus remarking, “While Harvard preens, Bryant produces”; such words rang true to Bryant University’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer Glenn Sulmasy who holds a similar viewpoint of the stature of Bryant students and education. Touching upon where Bryant stands now and where he envisions it, Provost Sulmasy was interviewed by the Archway staff to share his optimistic outlook of the University’s future. 

As a majority of the Bryant Builds initiative has been accomplished after the completion of the Academic Innovation Center, Provost Sulmasy believes that with this continual growth Bryant University could eventually be ranked in the top 50 schools in the nation. He refers to this as journey toward national prominence.  His highly optimistic outlook derives from the successes that Bryant has realized over the years, including, the enhanced notoriety of our faculty, the Bryant-Zhuhai campus in China, the multiple Division I sports teams, the positive growth in rankings and the development of new and in demand majors for both the college of arts and sciences and the college of business.  

Data Science is a key component of Bryant’s future, according to Sulmasy; President Machtley’ s speech on ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ detailed the future of the business community being disrupted by innovative technologies. As artificial intelligence, analytics, and other revolutionary practices diffuse into the business processes known today, Provost Sulmasy stands behind Bryant’s expansion into integrating more of this know-how into the education. Along with possible additions in the law and forensics fields, Bryant is also establishing healthcare leadership programs. 

As of right now, there are students from the original class of Bryant-Zhuhai that have ventured from China to study here on the Smithfield campus. Furthermore, there have already been a couple dozen Bryant students from Smithfield that have spent their study abroad experience at the campus across borders. In Provost Sulmasy’s eyes, this relatively new program establishes a wonderful opportunity between two countries to learn from each other, understand each other, and he strongly believes this approach will help to ensure peaceful interaction between the two superpowers. 

When it comes down to it, Provost Sulmasy commends not only the faculty, staff and administration for what they have done to the campus, but also the overall campus community that fosters ‘polite ambition.’ Students may be aware by now that Bryant courses require many presentations, out of the classroom experience, and various resources to utilize on campus, but Provost Sulmasy sees these as alignments to the opportunities students have to grow. He reflects that Bryant students are well-mannered, ambitious and professional after three years with the University. 

If one asks Provost Sulmasy why they should choose Bryant, he mentions three words: incredible, magical, passion. Although not well known, it was Bryant faculty that aided in picking out the furniture in the Academic Innovation Center. He believes that the commitment and care from the University staff and faculty for the students is another driving factor behind Bryant’s progression and the family atmosphere on campus. Success can be measured in the preparation of Bryant students and the high degree of Bryant students able to obtain employment after graduation.  As other universities may have declining numbers of admitting students, Bryant has seen a growing student body over the past few years which continue the hit the mark for what Bryant looks for in the next generation of Bulldogs.  

As Provost Glenn Sulmasy’s enthusiasm is contagious and his passionate support for faculty, staff and students is evident in all he undertakes. His advice is to reject mediocrity and embrace academic greatness. Also, of course, ‘Go Books. Go Bulldogs.’