When last we saw our brave, bold, and daring heroes, Oliver Queen publicly disclosed his identity as the Green Arrow and headed to prison, Barry Allen met his future daughter who happens to also be a speedster, a variant of Supergirl known as Red Son Supergirl (inspired by the Red Son Superman timeline in the comic book universe) finds her way into Siberia after spawning from the absconding aura of the real Kara Zor-El’s body during the fight against Reign, and the Legends’ vacation in Aruba after a long drawn conflict against Mallus is too good to be true as it is interrupted by Constantine, who claims Mallus was only the beginning . Wow! What a year for the superhero shows on the CW. All these finales ended on cliffhangers that leave the watcher yearning for more. 

Oliver Queen—escaper of death, survivor, Arrow, Green Arrow, orphan, speaker, mayor, husband, and now father—yeah, what an iconic figure in the multiverse. There is not much this man cannot do. It all started on Lian Yu island for Oliver Queen. From season one all the way to the finale of season six, Oliver Queen has endlessly opposed against those who would seek to corrupt and destroy Star City. This man is a public figure and leader for the rest of the city. He fights crime, he puts criminals behind bars, he takes the blame for actions he did not take to save his friends, and he puts his life on the line every day for those he cares for and those he has never met. Season seven will take a new, unfortunate direction for Mr. Queen, and it is one that cannot be resolved so easy as he can fire an arrow or muscle up on that pull-up bar of his. It will be interesting to see whether the city will praise him or shun him now that he is behind bars himself. No doubt there will be some instances where the others on the inside will pick a fight with him, seeing as he put most of them there in the first place. Will he escape? Will his son ever forgive him for leaving him? Will his son even visit him? Will Felicity Smoke continue to love the man she once knew? The season premiers on October 15 at 8 pm and will air on Mondays this Fall.  

Barry Allen—speedster, time traveler, forensic scientist for criminal investigations, husband, “fastest man alive,” orphan, defeater of faster speedsters, and apparently now a father—yeah, The Flash is pretty impressive too. What is it like to meet your own child who is yet to be born? What is it like to meet a time traveler who claims to be your daughter? Ask Mr. Allen. He has the answer. From Reverse Flash to Zoom to Savitar to The Thinker, the young hero found a way to defeat them all—with the help of a select few Harrison Wells, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, and so on and so forth. Evil speedsters may be faster than Allen at first, but Allen trains and trains and trains some more. When you have the ability to run at the speed of sound and light (in some extreme instances) and combined with the wits and guidance of a supportive team, the world can be saved over and over again. So where is season five heading? For starters, the whole time travelling future daughter meets father and mother situation needs to be resolved. Questions need answers. After that, a new villain—likely Cicada—will come into the bullpen for a great number of rounds against team Flash. Perhaps the appearance of Nora Allen has something to do with the newest villain’s appearance. Is her time travel a result of what might happen if Barry cannot defeat this new evil? Will Iris and Barry have a future together? Find out on Tuesday, October 9 at 8pm.  

Kara Zor-El— Girl of Steel, Kryptonian, foreigner from another planet, cousin of Superman, Kara Danvers, strongest being on earth (some argue she is, some argue Superman is), reporter, journalist, daughter, sister—yeah, Supergirl might just be better than Arrow or Flash. Do not forget she has telescopic vision, heat vision, infrared vision, microscopic vision, X Ray vision, super hearing, super breath, ultra-speed, and is basically invulnerable to damage and disease except for kryptonite. Her super abilities do not nearly account for her human ingenuity and inspiring human character. She has been fully committed to be a sister, an adopted daughter, a writer and reporter, and a friend to many in a foreign world with foreign people of foreign abilities. Seasons one, two, and three demonstrated how Kara physically and emotionally endured the most challenging of instances. Nothing keeps her down. Even kryptonite has a hard time doing its job against her. The end of season three showed the final battle between her and Reign. But Reign may not have been so easily defeated. Now that a Red Son variant of the true Kara Zor-El is wandering about in Siberia, it may be possible the impersonating character will be used as a weapon for evil doings. Perhaps there will be some more D.E.O action this coming year. Perhaps Mon-El and Kara will figure things out finally. Perhaps Supergirl will discover new powers both as a Kryptonian and as a human. Time will tell. The season four premiere is on Sunday, October 14 at 8pm.  

The Legends of yesterday, today, and tomorrow—White Canary, Rip Hunter, Firestorm, Atom, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Steel, Vixen, Kid Flash, Constantine—these are only a select few of the show’s elite soldiers, leaders, commanders, and saviors. Since season one, heroes have come and gone from the big screen. Most are fortunate enough to have stuck around thus far. While they do not necessarily have the greatest abilities as superheroes, they more than make up for that with their personalities and strenuous care for fixing the wrongs of the past and preserving the good of the present. Every hero has their own backstory. Every hero is strong enough to give up their old lives to time travel throughout history for the betterment of humanity. When season three came to an end, Sara Lance led the Legends to a victory over the malevolent, demonic Mallus. They concluded in Aruba, kicking back at the pool and enjoying each other’s company. When Constantine appeared with the head of a bloodied dragon, he claims Mallus was only the beginning. Season four will bring much more action and adventure throughout history, as well as new villains to overcome and surprising alliances to combat evil. Perhaps some new members will join the team and one day earn the name of Legend. Season four premieres on Monday, October 22 at 9pm.  

As always, another crossover miniseries will bring together all the heroes at some point midseason. Get ready to enjoy the adventures of Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and the Legends. Expect the unexpected. Get your superhero hype on.

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