Israeli police are urging the Israeli attorney general to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of two corruption cases. The two corruption cases involve the following crimes bribery, fraud and breach of trust. These allegations come due to a years’ worth of investigation into Netanyahu’s interactions with high profile individuals those being Israeli Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan and Australian billionaire James Packer both of which gave Netanyahu gifts for favors.  

The police have announced that they believe that they have a substantial amount of evidence against Netanyahu. Likewise, regarding the Netanyahu and Milchan case, the police have added bribery as well. In addition to these, the police have also claimed that Netanyahu also aided an “Israeli newspaper publisher with his business in exchange for positive press coverage” (NPR). Moreover, Netanyahu may ultimately not be indicted as it’s the decision of the Attorney General as to whether an indictment will be filed, which could take for months to be completed. 

Furthermore, Prime Minister Netanyahu is the longest serving Prime Minister for Israel since its founder David Ben-Gurion. Netanyahu refutes all the assertions made against him and his communications. Additionally, Netanyahu has recently disparaged the police filings against him and he also took to his Facebook account to address his feelings of and his side of the agreement. Furthermore, Netanyahu has claimed that the lead investigator and the investigation in general bias and has proclaimed that the investigation is just a political attack that the Israeli left-wing is making against himself and the right-winged side of the Israeli Government.  

Moreover, recently this past December the Knesset, which is the unicameral national legislature of Israel passed legislation that would make it more difficult for the police to disclose recommendations of indictments of political officials. However, this has no effect on the current claims against the Israeli Prime Minister, yet the Israeli attorney general still must request that the police file their findings in the criminal investigations against public officials. Consequently, many critics of the Prime Minister and his party have made the statement that the legislation ultimately makes it tougher for police to indict public officials thus protecting Prime Minister Netanyahu from being removed due to the crimes.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu made a public announcement due to the allegations, which he stated that he firmly believes that he will continue being the Prime Minister of Israel. Also, besides this statement, Netanyahu also claimed that he will continue to lead the country of Israel responsibly and faithfully until the people of Israel have a change of heart and replace him at the ballot box.