Perhaps the biggest spectacle on television brought in profits this year that proved to surpass many imaginations. Not only did the Super Bowl pull in 111.3 million viewers, but it provided Fox with $500 million in revenue from advertisements. The first ever overtime Super Bowl also earned Fox an extra $20 million due to the extra commercials played. The event also took in 1.7 million viewers per minute on live-stream, which was an all-time high. During the halftime show, Lady Gaga brought in a total of 117.5 million views between 8:15pm and 8:30pm. For even further shock, if companies desired an advertisement during the event, it would cost a whopping $5 million for just a mere thirty second ad. To put this into perspective, in the year 1967, the same advertisement would cost a company $40 thousand. Despite the great revenue this event grabbed, ratings went down during the playoff games by about 9 percent.

In terms of advertisements, some shined more than others with more views and attention. The number one ad for this year’s Super Bowl was the comedic Kia commercial with Melissa McCarthy publishing the car company’s new eco-friendly hybrid. Cars continued to rise at this year’s Super Bowl with Honda coming in as the second most viewed ad for its Yearbook commercial featuring celebrities such as Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and Viola Davis persuading viewers to follow their dreams. Along with Honda and Kia, Budweiser came in at number four behind Audi, and Tide at number five with its commercial featuring Terry Bradshaw.  

For all of you food lovers out there, the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events in the world, but food consumption happens to be shocking as well. Aside from Thanksgiving, the second day in the whole year where the largest amount of food is consumed is the Super Bowl. According to Forbes, statisticians predicted that about 12.5 million pizzas would be ordered on Super Bowl Sunday and 1.33 billion chicken wings would be consumed. Pizza hut predicted that they would need to hire an extra 11,000 employees by the time February 5th hit, and food deliveries to houses would rise by about 16 percent. If you’re a nacho fan, experts predicted that over 150 pounds of cheese were consumed on the big day.

This amazing day also brought numerous new records for the Patriots after taking home the win. For one, both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won most Super Bowl wins by a starting quarterback and most Super Bowl wins for a head coach, respectively. Brady also set the record for career passes at 309 and 43 completions in a game. Other players that shined in the game broke some great records too with James White having 14 receptions in a game and Amendola and White breaking the record for a single-game two-point conversion.

Overall, the game proved to be one for the history books and a great celebration for all of New England.