When last we left our brave and bold—James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser (Jaime) and Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Claire)—in December of 2017, the two lovers were rushing against time in the land of Jamaica to prevent the unthinkable. The season wrapped up with them washing ashore on the colony of Georgia in America. However, they were not in the year 2017…they are way back in time in 1766. Claire Fraser has been to America before, though not in the 18th century. Jaime Fraser has never been. They are two outlanders on a journey throughout an unknown land—thus the show name Outlander.  

Where exactly will our lovers be headed? Granted if you have read the book series that inspired the Starz show, you will know that Jaime and Claire are in for both a pleasant and disturbing surprise from a certain someone who shows up at their door one day in love and curiosity. And that person will not be alone. Perhaps things will deviate from the books, but hopefully not. The fourth book, Drums of Autumn, continues the incredible historical fiction and romance story. It is such a fantastic story that could be told in and of itself that the plot is just too phenomenal to change. The author, Diana Gabaldon, is known for her deep exploration of love, betrayal, lust, power, authority, and history. Fan favorites like Ian Murray and Fergus will make their reappearances, and this time a wolf companion will accompany Ian with them wherever they go. Lord John Grey will likely also find his way onto the big screen once again. We can expect a great amount of screen time from Brianna and her dear Roger Wakefield in season 4. Fortunately, Geillis Duncan will not reappear…for now, anyways.  

This next season begins on the fourth of November. The first two episodes titles have been released. The titles are America the Beautiful and Do No Harm, respectively. The opening scenes will portray Jaime’s intentions to head up to his Aunt Jocasta Cameron’s plantation at Cross Creek, North Carolina. Along the way, they will run into a mysterious man named Stephen Bonnet, who is trying to escape from the Crown. If you know remember back to the days of Black Jack Randall, well Stephen Bonnet just might be the new Randall. He has intentions and interests of his own. You’ll want to keep a watchful eye on this one.  

Love will be tested. Love will be augmented. History will be tested. History will be written. History will be unwritten. Promises will be kept. Trust will be misplaced. Secrets will be hidden. Secrets will unfold. Land will be traveled to and colonized. Jaime and Claire will discover what the American dream truly is, as well as what the drums of autumn mean for their next stage of life. This is their prime age of exploration and discovery.  

The show will air on Sundays this year at 8 p.m. Stay tuned for the post season review and critique!

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