Source: Orange Theory
By Bailey Medeirod

What is Orange Theory Fitness?

Orange Theory Fitness is a workout regimen based on two major concepts: the monitoring of one’s heart rate and the continuation of calorie burning even after the completion of a workout. In fact, Orange Theory claims that this “afterburn” of calories can last up to 36 hours after the workout and that the number of calories burned can range from 500 to 1,000 per workout (PopSugar Fitness). Unlike the traditional gym membership, Orange Theory Fitness is a class-based workout. During the classes, participants wear heart rate monitors while class instructors move them throughout different stations involving treadmills, rowing machines, and weight training. A typical class is 1 hour in length in which the class is divided into two groups. One group begins with the use of interval work on treadmills while the other group alternates between rowing machines and weight training.

According to the media company PopSugar Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness classes allow participants who choose to make necessary adjustments to the workouts. For example, for those that are unable to run on the treadmill, other options include power walking or trading the treadmill in for another cardio machine such as a bicycle or strider. In addition to this, the weight training in classes involves a multitude of new fitness tools. These tools include TRX straps, BOSU balls, steps, kettlebells, and hand held weights. Bodyweight exercises are also often incorporated into the fitness routine. Monitors are used to makes it possible for participants to view information regarding repetitions and timing. Also, shown on these monitors are video examples, which people use as a reference throughout the duration of the workout. Helaine Reaves, a member of an Orange Theory franchise since September, shared her experience with CNBC. Reaves states, “You can see what you’re doing. I have my app at home. I’ve got all my workouts since September, so I can see what progress I’ve made, seeing where I need to add more workouts or back off makes it easier.”

Why orange?

From studio lighting to the sneakers worn by staff members, Orange Theory Fitness studios worldwide are covered in orange. This is based on the idea that the orange-zone is when one exercises between 84 and 91 percent of their maximum heart rate. (CNBC) Due to this, classes are designed to get participants to spend at least 12 minutes per workout in the coveted orange zone in order to achieve the “afterburn” that involves increased fat burning (CNBC). Consequently, those exercising are encouraged to stay out of the red zone and to limit their time spent in the green zone.

When and Where will OTF Fitness open in Providence?

Orange Theory Fitness has announced that they will be opening a new location, which is just 20 minutes away from Bryant University campus. The studio will be at 563 North Main Street, Providence. According to Britt Colwell, the location’s studio manager, the expected opening will take place sometime this December. Currently, Orange Theory Fitness is offering pre-sale rates for those interested in trying this new fitness phenomenon and kicking the freshman fifteen to the curb. You can visit their website: for more details on the new location.