Opportunity to volunteer locally


by John Bradley

You ever look at your resume and think, “Wow, I do a lot! I am a member for two clubs, I have a job, and still manage to stay on the Dean’s List.” Obviously, that would be a pretty impressive resume, and many employers would love to hire you,  but not all. Nowadays, many employers are looking not just about what you do for your benefit, but they care about what you do for others. This include activities such as Big Brother, Big Sister, working at a soup kitchen or food pantry, or finding a non for profit to volunteer at. Currently, I am volunteering at the Rhode Island Military Organization, better known as R.I.M.O, as part of my Management 200 class. It is a great experience and if you are looking for a resume builder, or are looking for something to do with your free time, or even if you want to bring a smile to a total stranger who serves this country, you should consider volunteering at R.I.M.O!

Volunteering at R.I.M.O is very simple and does not take up a significant amount of time. Essentially what R.I.M.O is looking for is people to assist and volunteer at the military airport lounge located in the T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI. The Lounge is designated for military personnel who may be in the airport and have a long delay or just want to grab either a snack or drink before the flight. The lounge has a T.V, snacks and beverages, couches, and computers for the military personnel to use while they are waiting for their flight. This is really beneficial to these great men and women who have served and are currently serving this great country, because for any of us who have been in an airport before, we know how tiring jet lag can be. Especially, for those who may have to take three or four different flights just to get from point A to point B.

A major problem R.I.M.O is having right now is finding people to volunteer at the lounge. Currently, the two women in charge of volunteering, Betty and Rhonda, are looking for people to volunteer. There have been discussions that they may close the lounge due to lack of volunteers, which is unfortunate, but that is why my group and I want to reach out to the amazing students at Bryant to try and help us volunteer! It is super easy and it is for a very good cause.

Volunteering occurs in either three or four hour shifts. It is also extremely flexible. You can choose when you want to volunteer and how often. If you can go once a week, once a month, or even once a semester, it makes a huge difference to all the military personnel who go through T.F. Green Airport. As I mentioned earlier, volunteering is also very simple. Especially on a Sunday, the lounge is not typically busy persay. I personally have never seen more than six people in the lounge at a time. As a volunteer in the lounge, your responsibilities include making sure the refrigerator is full of beverages, the baskets are filled with snacks, and that when people do enter the lounge, you check their ID and that they sign in. One of the awesome things about the lounge is that you can bring some schoolwork to do as you are volunteering. All R.I.M.O needs is someone to simply sit at the desk and do those simple jobs I mentioned. It is a great place to get some school work done as you help the troops out.

Overall, I highly suggest volunteering at the R.I.M.O military lounge! It is a great experience, good resume builder, and will make you feel better that you are helping some great people out! There are a few steps you must proceed before you are actually able to go to the lounge and volunteer, but it is worth it. If this is something that you may even have a minor interest in, please email me at jbradley2@bryant.edu. I would love to talk to as many students, staff and faculty as possible in order to help keep the R.I.M.O airport lounge opened.