Being in existence for over twenty years, I have been blessed to see the four major Boston sports teams win a total of ten championships.  For all the LCS majors, that’s an average of one championship season every two years. What has taken place in this era is unprecedented.  It only took 15 years for me to see each Boston sports team win a championship.  Other fan bases have waited over 50 years to see a single championship.  This success early on has tied me to these teams.  One of my favorite memories as a kid was watching the 2004 Red Sox with my dad.  We could often be found sitting on our living room couch watching the games that season.  During this time, my dad taught me the ins and outs of baseball, and as the season carried on, I understood the game very well.  Seeing the joy this World Series championship brought to the city was incredible.  Some people had waited 86 years to see that day, and experience what it was like to be a champion again.  As the other sports saw success, and I began to understand how each sport worked, I jumped on their bandwagons and haven’t fallen off.  Witnessing these championships in short time has been simply astonishing.  I can guarantee that when I have my own children, and then when they have their own children, I will tell the tales of this incredible run of success.

Don’t get me wrong, Boston sports fans have had their share of heart-breaking events take place in this era too.  Aaron Boone’s game 7 ALCS walk-off home run in 2003 sent all hopes of breaking the Curse of the Bambino right out of Fenway Park. The 2010 NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals, a series that was controlled by the Bruins after gaining a three-to-none game lead, making belief that the team may bring Lord Stanley home for the first time in 38 years, only to be lost after the Philadelphia Flyers won four games straight and moved on to the Eastern Conference Finals. The most crushing of all, Super Bowl XLII featuring the Patriots and New York Giants, an event which needs no explanation of its importance.  However, these tragic events are what make Boston Sports fans great.  We have had our hearts ripped out of us, shredded to pieces, and buried in the bottom of the Boston Harbor, only to be dug up, put back together, and given back to us with a championship banner.  Fans of other teams may experience these pains, and decide to burn all of their fan gear, solidifying the end of their relationship.  However, this never happens in Boston.  These fans will always be loyal, through the city’s brightest moments, as well as its ugliest.  

While taking the Green Line into Boston to attend a game, it is not common to find fans who are visiting from all parts of New England.  This is what makes this fan base special.  It has a group of States who come together and rallying around their home teams.  However, this presence runs deep not only throughout New England, but across the country, and even the world.  Cities like Miami, Baltimore, and Tampa Bay are known to show their Boston Pride when the teams visit these cities.  While attending a Red Sox game last summer, my friends and I ran into a fan from Tokyo, who came to Boston to see his favorite team play.  While conversing about our favorite baseball team, he talked about how popular the Red Sox are overseas.  Even with the time differences, fans choose to get up as early as 5 a.m. to watch the Sox play.  

While all teams hold a special place in my heart, I have to say that the New England Patriots, by far, are my favorite.  The story of this team over the last 17 years is beyond incredible.  A series of events, such as a change in ownership, Belichick resigning as head coach of the NY Jets after one day, and the drafting of QB Tom Brady with the 199th overall pick, was the perfect formula for success.  This team’s philosophy is quite simple but is one of the most important keys to their success.  That philosophy is to “Do Your Job”.  If everyone on the team does what they are assigned to do, failure is nearly impossible.  This can be applied to any team or organization.

I thank God everyday for making me a Boston sports fan.  Some of the most fun I have is when my friends and I go into the city to see a game at the Garden, or the Sox play on a beautiful summer night, or even travel to Gillette to watch the Patriots continue their reign of dominance.  No matter what parts of the world I end up in, I will always be wearing my Sox hat, or my Brady jersey, showing my Boston pride.