By Keagan Downey

The return of fall marks the return of the New England Patriots for the 2019-2020 NFL season. The dynamic Tom Brady and Bill Belichick duo are returning for their 20th season together. The team has been to 16 of the last 20 AFC East Championships and won six Super Bowl championships since Tom Brady began commanding the plays. With the 2019-2020 NFL season already underway, it is too soon to tell what this season will bring for the Patriots.  

Three games have already been played and they have been a show from the powerhouse offense the Patriots run. Already, the Patriots are leading the league with 109 Points Scored. The New England Patriots have been impenetrable on defense thus far this season, only allowing 17 Points through three games, far ahead of the second place Packers with 35 allowed points. 

 It is too early in the season to tell where this team is heading, especially without some of the key players the team recently lost. The loss of Rob Gronkowski, a future hall of famer, Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan shook both the team and New England fans. However, the Patriots are finding talent in very surprising ways, bringing in N’Keal Harry as their 32nd pick of the NFL draft. Harry is out with an injury for the beginning of the season but should soon come back and make a difference for the squad.  

The Patriots still have their star wide receiver, Julian Edelman, the 2018 Super Bowl MVP. It should be a show from him this season if he can stay healthy since his torn ACL took him out for a season in the past. Josh Gordon is also another threat for other teams. The 63”, 225-pound receiver is a big-time talent if he can stay on the field and follow the NFL’s policies. In 2018 he took himself off the roster for a mental health crisis only to be banned indefinitely for violating the NFL’s drug policy; however, he has made a comeback and should be firing full strength for the season.  

The Patriots running back situation is always a difficult one to look at, but they have several players to fit any situation they find themselves in. Sony Michel, who scored the lone touchdown in Super Bowl 53, has made a huge impact. The other running back, James White, has worked hard to earn two Super Bowl rings. White most notably won Super Bowl 51 with his touchdown in overtime in the comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons.  

The 2019 New England Patriots have already shown lots of promise with both their offensive and defensive performances throughout their first three games. The 20th season of the Brady – Belichick dynasty should be exciting, as they have the Super Bowl already in their sights. The Patriots have many veteran players who have been there and are ready for the season. The talent and drive of the “Patriot Way” should make for an exciting season.