MyPath Presents: Emily Cardosa


By Carmela Coppola

A senior on the Women’s Tennis Team and Master Writing Consultant at ACE and the Writing Center, Emily Cardosa is no stranger to a busy schedule. As a sophomore, she declared a double major in Accounting and Finance, with an LCS minor, determined to balance the workload with her athletics, student-involvements and a healthy social life.

She recently decided to rearrange her degree, moving her Finance concentration to a minor. When asked about what influenced this decision, Emily replied “I realized that it wasn’t necessary to have a Finance concentration when I knew that I wanted to be a public accountant. I was taking six classes a semester and finally I had to make a decision to lighten my workload so that I could focus on achieving higher performances in the courses I was taking.”

Emily received guidance from Nicole Poloski, her academic advisor, who was able to help Emily paint a realistic picture of her future. “The Career Center hosted PWC campus recruitment events and this allowed me to make connections with them early on. After completing an internship with PWC, I now have a full time job offer, post-graduation. I felt comfortable making Finance a concentration, knowing that I would still have the skills to be successful as a PWC auditor with only an Accounting major.”

On top of her athletic and academic commitments, Emily holds E-board positions in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the Special Olympics Committee. “It can be overwhelming, but with careful planning and allowing myself to have free time, it is more than possible to balance these multiple activities at Bryant.”

Emily was asked what advice she would offer to other students who feel overwhelmed with busy schedules and struggle with balancing academics. “For me, I make a list of everything I need to accomplish and I prioritize what needs to be done immediately and what can be put off until a later day. With my list of priorities and a very organized google calendar, I am able to succeed in my classes as well as my extracurricular activities.

“Build in your study hours and prioritize. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, but you have to find your study space and put in the time.”