My Path is Here to Help You Find Your Path

Source: Elana Williams-Leonard

Are you unsure about what you’d like to major, minor, or concentrate in? Do you need advice about a career path that best suits you? Are you struggling between different areas of study and unsure which route to take? Are you stressed about all of these big, defining decisions? Well, if this sounds like you, MyPath is here to help.

MyPath is a partnership between the Amica Center and the Undergraduate Advising office that supports and assists Exploratory (undecided) students on their journey of discovering their interests and what fields of study they would like to pursue. Their mission is “to assist students in finding their path and declaring the major/concentration/minor that is right for them!” To do this, experienced MyPath student mentors help with this process. There are MyPath mentors for almost every major and minor you could think of. From Finance to Sports Studies, and Biology to Literary and Cultural Studies, these student mentors support students just like you in figuring out their passions and making decisions that will largely benefit them in the future. One of the best parts about this program is that all of the mentors are upperclassmen, so they have the inside scoop on challenging Professors, interesting classes, helpful resources, and just about anything else you could think of.

Making decisions about your future can be tough, but the MyPath mentors truly want to see you succeed. There are other resources that MyPath provides if you are unsure about meeting one on one with a mentor. There is an event called Painting My Pathway coming up on November 13th in Hall 14, November 14th in Hall 16, and November 15th in Hall 15 at 7pm each night. This is where you can enjoy and create art while also meeting some of the MyPath mentors and hearing about what resources they utilized at Bryant to assist them in their own decision making process. Everyone is welcome!

Along with many other helpful events the program manages on campus, MyPath wants to see students about the decisions they make regarding their future. Maybe you’re interested in Management, but a Marketing class you’re in this semester is really calling your name. Maybe you feel pressured to major in Business due to Bryant’s reputation, but are unaware that so many students are Arts and Science majors and have just as much success in the future. Whatever the case may be, MyPath is an outlet for students like you who are hesitant about what studies to commit to in the future and need a guiding hand in this process. It is perfectly fine to struggle with figuring out what you want to study in college, as it is a very serious decision that requires a good chunk of time and thought to determine. In fact, most people are considered Exploratory when entering college, so you are not alone. MyPath is focused on student progression and success. If you need advice, feel free to reach out to the Academic Advising Office or the Amica Center for Student Success and they can refer you to a mentor that will make your decision-making process easier and more efficient.

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Hello! My name is Elana Williams-Leonard and I am a senior pursuing a bachelor's in Literary and Cultural Studies with a concentration in Applied Psychology. My minors include Business Administration, Communication, and Africana/Black Studies. On campus, I am a Writing Consultant in the Academic Center for Excellence, a Resident Assistant, a MyPath mentor, and an active member in the Multicultural Student Union Organization. My life's goal is to educate people about the importance of acceptance, diversity and love. I try to accomplish some of that through writing, whether it be in my free time or here at The Archway. I really hope you enjoy my articles!