By Tyler Joseph & Dr. Sandra Enos

In response to the tragic hurricane that devastated many areas, Bryant University student organizations, faculty and staff would like to raise awareness for the country Haiti. Haiti was one of the countries hit the hardest by the category 5 hurricane that claimed the lives of too many. One Campaign, International Student Organization, the Multicultural Student Union, and Dr. Sandra Enos would like to provide relief to the country still experiencing the effects of the hurricane.

From Tyler Joseph, senior Student and Director of Black Enterprise from the Multicultural Student Union:

Personally it pains me to see my country of origin in such a critical state, especially since I had the opportunity to grasp the rich culture and beautiful scenery of the island as a kid, but if there’s one word that can describe the people of Haiti, it would be resilient. It’s something that has been historically implied since becoming the first independent black nation in 1804. As you already know, Hurricane Matthew left a devastating mark on the beautiful island of Haiti. Leaving a trail of destruction, it took the lives of roughly 877 natives, and left many losing their homes and others dealing with devastating flooding. The damages caused by the hurricane have left Haiti in what is considered the worst humanitarian crisis since the earthquake of 2010. Yet even with so much destruction occurring in such a short amount of time, the people of Haiti will not be deterred from overcoming this obstacle. They will continue to get back up and move forward. But even with such a huge burden to bear, we need your help and support to alleviate the pain and suffering of the natives who are dealing with the after effects of Hurricane Matthew. Any donations such as food, water, and clothes, will help. Please help the cause and make an effort to bring relief to Haiti.

Dr. Sandra Enos, Sociology Professor:

We don’t have to look far to find stories of people who are suffering all over the globe. How we respond to these stories is the real measure of whether or not we can consider ourselves good citizens not just of the nations where we hold citizenship but also upright members of the global community. In terms of the recent devastating hurricane in Haiti, the easiest thing to do is to not bother, to think that it does not matter if we lend a helping hand. According to author Michael Pollan, we rely on two false premises not to bother; the first that our efforts don’t matter and the second that we don’t know how best how to help so we avoid doing anything. This article serves as a call for action to our campus community to come together in support of the people of Haiti.

The International Student Organization will host a coffee hour to raise awareness for Haiti on Wednesday, November 11th in the Fisher Student Center at 2pm. We will host a student panel on Wednesday, November 28th in front of the Fisher Student Center Fireplace, where Haitian students will have the opportunity to help raise relief for Haiti. All are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sandra Enos at