Men’s Spring Fashion Essentials

(Marcel Floruss)

Just in case you didn’t know, spring is upon us. Long gone are the days of bundling in heavy layers and trudging through the bleak cold. We have now entered a time predicated on the liberality of color combinations and laying in the green grass of the Bryant Beach. So many “szn’s,” so little time to enjoy them as the spring semester flies by. But while we’re still on the Bryant campus and the weather is somewhat agreeable, I might as well let you all know what spring clothing items all guys need to acquire.

White Sneakers:

We’ll start off pretty basic with the easiest way to heighten the quality your spring wardrobe. Boat shoes are great; I swear by them as an every-man shoe. Your run-of-the-mill running shoes are also a solid choice; nobody can fault you for wanting to look sporty. However, the white sneaker is an absolute necessity for spring style. You can get Chuck Taylor high tops, Vans of any style, Nike casuals — any of these options and more are up for grabs. I personally own some white mid-top Vans that I wear entirely too often, but that’s because they work with everything. White sneakers are a versatile shoe that cleans up any outfit and will change your style for the better once you get a hold of a pair.

Pastel Shorts:

Time to dig a little deeper here. Cargo shorts are… Well, they’re cargo shorts. And athletic shorts are great for working out, going on runs, or enjoying a super casual day among friends or inside. But the epitome of spring is pastel colors, and what better way to wear a pastel than in a nice pair of shorts? Now, if you get one pair, you can’t just stop there; you have to go all in. You need light blues, light pinks, light yellows, maybe a sea foam green or a nice salmon red. Even seersucker is viable. And on top of these, I might even suggest being a bit ambitious with the length, or lack thereof. I wear Chubbies, a great brand for spring and summer clothes. They’re pretty short — 5.5-inch inseams to be exact — but obviously there are longer options out there for your consumption. But I do have one rule: 11-inch inseam shorts are not shorts.

Medium and Light Wash Denim:

There are few instances where men can pull off light wash denim of any kind. Medium wash is much more versatile, but still not the almighty dark wash. However, dark wash is not a spring vibe. Sure, you can wear them if you want, but spring is all about lightness. The most classic way to utilize some good medium and light denim is with a nice pair of jeans, preferably slim-fitting or skinny for those of us who like to cuff the bottoms for a cleaner look. I personally would go for some American Eagle flex jeans, simply because they’re on another level of comfortability and pretty cost-effective, but to each his own. Rips in jeans are always preference-based, but my philosophy is that if you want rips, save them for the summer months. A denim top is another good investment. You can get yourself a denim button-down and wear it open with a neutral tee. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even find a denim jacket; it’s quite the power move and not for everyone, but it’s at least worth a try. But remember, never try to match the wash of two denim pieces in one outfit and always contrast light denim with darker colors.

Wrist Accessories:

The Gratitude Guys' gratitude reminder bracelets
The Gratitude Guys’ gratitude reminder bracelets (James Imrie)

Friendship bands and Apple Watches aside, wrist accessories in some ways can really make or break an outfit, even for guys. Now, I’m not saying you need to go out there and buy a Cartier bracelet or some frilly chain, but it’s never a bad idea to bring a spring look full circle with some modest and not too flashy accessories to complement your hopefully springy outfit. My suggestions are a nice leather or canvas strapped watch. Be careful with the color of the leather or canvas, though; you don’t want it to clash with the colors or the other leathers you might have as a part of your outfit. However, a surefire and reliable option for your spring fashion that will go with anything you decide to wear is a gratitude reminder bracelet from The Gratitude Guys. You may have heard of them, but if you haven’t, they’re a student-created and run business that produces and sells their own bracelets for all genders. For just $15, you can get yourself a beaded bracelet, which comes in either black or white, with a single copper-plated bead to add some metallic contrast. I own a black-beaded reminder, but I highly recommend both. I wear it at almost all times, with any outfit. It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.

So, there you have it. Now you can enter the peak of spring in the best fashion shape you’ve been in. You can walk onto the Bryant Beach or into your next class feeling like spring has sprung and that the end of school is on its way.

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