Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials


Fall is very much upon us, which means that we all have to start dressing more weather-appropriate. We trade in the shorts for some pants, the sandals for some shoes, and the t-shirts for some sweatshirts. However, if there are some guys out there feeling a little ambitious, here are some clothing items that are essential to surviving the fall months in style.

  1. Cable-knit Sweaters

While that ratty sweatshirt you wear to the gym is great and all, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing cold-weather option at your fingertips. Sweaters are definitely the way to go as the temperatures begin to drop, and what better to wear than one that looks as cool as the air that it keeps out. It feels like that sweater your grandmother knitted for you, and who couldn’t get behind that? Better yet, you can even layer it with a button-down shirt; it looks smart, clean-cut, preppy, and you’re also warm and comfortable as the cold front moves in.

  1. Quilted Jackets

As the fall descends on New England, a jacket is a must-have to stay warm. But being warm doesn’t have to be the only purpose that a good jacket serves. You could go into the fathoms of your closet at home and pull out that old, oversized coat that your mother lovingly bought for you while you were in high school, or you could seek out a more stylistic alternative that does the same job as the mom-coat in a much more fashionable way. Enter the quilted jacket; a perfect mix between a field jacket and a puffer coat, which keeps the cold out and makes anyone who wears one look like they know what they’re doing with their fall style.

  1. Brogued Boots

Timberland’s and Bean boots are wonderful and definitely benefit all kinds of different fashion choices, but when it comes to dressing for autumn, maturity and sophistication is everything. And when you want maturity and sophistication, look no further than with a brogued boot. A cross between dress shoes and chukka’s, brogued boots can be worn in casual atmospheres, as well as formal, and can add that extra unique quality to your outfit that you can’t get with any other boots.

  1. Dark-wash Jeans

The fall season is all about deep warm colors and neutrals, but you can never go wrong with a little contrast. Dark-wash jeans provide that pop of cool contrast, while also being versatile enough to be worn with almost anything. The darker they are, the cleaner and smarter your look becomes. Plus, you can’t make it through life without a few good pairs of jeans, so you might as well invest in some that bring your fall look to life.

  1. Patterned Wool Socks

Now that your footwear is transforming from scantily sandals to robust boots, it’s important that you have an arsenal of socks that will keep away the cold and the blisters. And sure, your Nike mid-calves will do the trick, but what’s the harm in making things a little more interesting? Patterned socks are like hidden treasures; concealed under your pant legs when you’re maneuvering around campus, but are a sight to see when you sit down to eat in Salmo or take a breather in the rotunda. Socks offer up a chance to get creative and break a few rules with polka dots or argyle or stripes, or even some bulldogs. What’s most important, though, is that they’re a lot of fun if you let them into your life.

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