MacBook vs Surface Book


Unless you have a casual $1,500-$3,000 to spare, I wouldn’t suggest reading this article. You might want to smash your Lenovo directly after so that you can get a shiny new laptop.

The MacBook Pro came out on October 27, just one day after Microsoft revealed their updated Surface Book i7. Both devices are highly regarded in the world of technology, and have enough similarities that it could be hard to tell them apart if they didn’t have their logos plastered on the front (or if their operating systems weren’t in direct competition for the past 10 years or so).

The newest design feature on the Surface Book i7 is that the screen completely detaches from the keyboard. Not only can you flip it much like our Lenovo Yoga’s, but you can actually take it apart from the screen, and turn the display all the way around. I’m not sure what use that would have, but it’s an option nonetheless. I guess if you’re a laptop person but occasionally feel the need to use a tablet instead, this would definitely be the product for you.

The newest design feature about the MacBook Pro is that it’s lighter and thinner. Typical Apple taking really small things and making them even smaller. However, they did increase the size of the touchpad, which is nice, but not really something anyone asked for. It’s also not all touchscreen like the Surface Book.

As we know, Apple is a classic offender of planned obsolescence. When their products first come out (and I will admit, I just bought the iPhone 7 and the battery life is no joke) the battery life is normally pretty good – however in this case, it’s really nothing special. Apple is promising 10 hours of battery life, whereas the Surface Book claims to be able to obtain anywhere between 12 and 16 hours.

As far as security goes, the MacBook Pro has the Apple-common Touch ID, enabling you to log into your laptop with a fingerprint rather than a passcode. However, Microsoft goes a step further by using facial recognition here. To be honest, I still think that’s a little creepy.

Prices for the MacBook range from between $1,499-$2,399. With Microsoft, you can expect to pay between $1,349-$3,299.

If it were me, I would say to stick with our Lenovos since they are “free.”