Shane Campbell

Jupiter to Smithfield Rhode Island feels like two different worlds between the weather, people, and the beaches that run top to bottom. Throughout my entire life, I have only known the life that I have had in Florida and my switch from there to Smithfield was a really big change that I was not prepared for.  

My lifestyle in Florida consisted of shorts every day and seeing smiles on people’s faces as they walked the streets to coming here and seeing snow for the first time and seeing the faces of people who looked like they were slightly dissatisfied with something in their life.  

The weather in Florida is always filled with sunshine and heat where it was summer all year long when in Rhode Island, I have experienced all four seasons and have now seen snow for the first time. A downside of the weather in Florida is that rain is more consistent and frequent there, but rain lasts much longer here in Rhode Island. Only feeling the warmth in the spring and summer is very unusual to me from living in Florida for my entire life and always being in the “sunny and 85” weather. The weather in Rhode Island is something that will never get used to because I am so adapted to the weather that I have lived with my entire life in Jupiter.   

The people from Rhode Island and Florida are also very different. On my walk to class every morning I am passed by everyone as I take my time and enjoy as life happens around me. I grew up with people who did not rush and took in everything around them and I notice that people from here rush through life and are always getting place to place as quickly as they can without putting their head up and saying “hello” to the people that they pass. People will often say that “people down South are more friendly” and I really find this to be true because I will often find myself passing people that I know and they will not acknowledge me being there.  

Rhode Island is the “Ocean State.” For as long as I have been in Rhode Island, I have not found a beach that compares to the beaches that are in Florida. The beaches in Florida consist of clear water, soft sand, and palm trees while I have noticed that beaches around here are rocky, not as clear, and have the sand is much rockier. I have become so accustomed to the beaches that I go to in Florida that coming here and going to a beach is so much different.  

Between the weather, the people, and the beaches there are so many differences from Rhode Island to Florida. These differences have made the switch to Rhode Island much more difficult because I had been so used to what I have had and what I have been accustomed to in Florida. Not many people understand the change and differences of moving to such a different area because people are only used to what they know and have been around for their entire life. All in all, I have started to get used to the differences here, but I still miss my life back in Florida and the things that I have gotten to know and love.