By Daniel Farrell

Four years ago, when I was deciding on what University I was going to attend, the last thing on my mind was what sports teams were playing in the surrounding area. As a student from New Jersey, the only successful team in recent memory has been the 07’ and 11’Giants, which I don’t think I need to remind Patriots fans about. Looking back over the last couple of years I realized how spoiled Boston sports fans are. Just in my four short years here, living in New England, I have seen the Red Socks win a World Series, the Patriots win two Super Bowls, the Bruins consistently make it deep into the National Hockey League playoffs, and the Celtics form a new dynasty.

When I moved into hall 14 (south side), one of the first few questions my new roommate asked me was who my favorite football team was, and he was appalled when it was not the New England Patriots. As much as it pains me to say, the burning passion of all the Boston sports fans is unmatched. Regardless of the weather, situation, or circumstance, each of the Boston sports fans will cheer their hearts out, as the teams always manage to pull off the impossible.

One of the most iconic Boston sports moments I had the privilege to see, was David Ortiz’s pregame speech a few days after the Boston marathon bombing. Watching him speak to a stadium full of a city in mourning, gives me the chills to this day. Both of the Patriots most recent Super Bowl wins, define Boston’s resilience and shows their character and how they are prepared for every situation. Malcolm Butler became a household name for New England fans when he had that game winning interception on the goal line. It still baffles me why Pete Carroll decided to throw it from the one-yard line. In more recent memory, everyone wrote the Patriots off when they were down 28-3 to the Falcons in the third quarter, but Tom Brady solidified that he is the best player to ever put on pads in the National Football League.

While I have the utmost respect for the Boston teams themselves, it is the fans that have bothered me. Boston fans know how good their teams are and they let you know about it. As a Giants fan I have been harassed and heckled nonstop since my first day on campus. New England fans love to remind everyone that Boston is the city of champions. While I have done my best to try and resent Boston and their sports teams, it is impossible, there is no question that Boston sports uplifts the city.