Welcome back to the dog pound to our returning students, faculty and staff and welcome home to the Class of 2023! Over the next four years you will experience some of the best and challenging moments of your lives. These may come in the form of winning your semester’s GFOB competition, to making lifelong friendships at the townhouses to getting into a heated debate as a group member. As a senior looking back on my time here, I do have a bit of advice to the upcoming classes. If you follow my three pieces of advice, hopefully this year will be the most memorable yet.  

First, listen to your own interests and stray away from being peer pressured when it comes to finding your involvements on campus. From the multitude of student organizations to a variety of athletic ventures, you should try to get your feet wet with an activity that is of interest to you. Everyone only has so many opportunities to try something new in their lives without the burden of investing in supplies and having to deal with fees. Think of the last time you did something for the first time and then reach out to a club or organization that really speaks to you.  

Second, Bryant is one of the BEST business schools around so use their business resources. Have you ever walked in the AMICA center for career advice? No, then go! The staff there knows their stuff and can help you create a resume worthy of any of their career fairs. Are you intimidated by networking or talking to strangers in general? The AMICA center has mock interview events throughout the semester and even has career planning courses that can help you establish your business professional foundation. If you would rather take the more independent route, explore the Bryant university career connection portal to find potential jobs and internships that would be fitting for your potential career path. All of the companies that appear on the BCC pay to advertise their job openings on our portal. That means they WANT Bryant students, so apply, apply, and apply because eventually you’ll land a job or internship that’ll help you further your career.  

Third, Travel when you can! Many students take advantage of the Sophomore International Experience as well as Study Abroad trips. I have yet to hear of a bad experience associated with either of those trips. When students return from experiencing a new country together they gain a new cultural appreciation of the world and they also build relationships with other students that they probably did not know existed prior to that trip. In addition to these opportunities, look out for trips being offered for spring break. Both the Interfaith Center and The China Institute offer trips that enable students to explore new states while making friends in the process. If signing up for a trip with strangers is too intimidating, consider joining an organization that sends their officers or general members to different conferences and competitions. From SPB to CEO they often send their e-boards to conferences that advance their clubs and groups like the Sales Team compete nationally. 

Time will never stop but what you do in the next four years will determine your college experience. Good luck and Go Bulldogs!