By Ryan Cerino

On July 9th of this year, President Trump nominated judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to fill the spot of newly retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh has served on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006. Since July 9th Brett Kavanaugh’s journey to get confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice has been a wild one. Since his nomination, Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual misconduct by two different women. The first is Christine Blasey Ford and occurred while Kavanaugh was a teenager at Georgetown Preparatory School. The second is Deborah Ramirez and took place during Kavanaugh’s freshmen year at Yale University. Kavanaugh said he “categorically and unequivocally denied” the allegations after Ford came out to the public and stated that he was not present at the party she was describing. With   

Ramirez’s allegation coming to the public Kavanaugh said that her statement “was a smear, plain and simple.” Many Republicans have come out to support Kavanaugh, they also believe that this is just a ploy by the Democrats to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has criticized the Democrats, that if this was such an important issue to them they would have released Ford’s letter much sooner. Graham, along with many other Republicans, believes that this is happening because the Democrats will do anything to stop President Trump’s agenda. Senate Democrats have called for Trump to order an FBI investigation into the allegations and have said that the incidents that have happened require a delay in Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote. Democrats have called on male politicians to “step up” when it comes to sexual misconduct, and not let powerful men get away with these types of actions.   

Senator Dianne Feinstein has been at the forefront of trying to delay the confirmation vote. The hearing of Ford and Kavanaugh took place on this past Thursday the 27th, and there have been mixed reviews about it. Republicans believe that Kavanaugh did exactly what he had to do, and Democrats believe that his testimony was a blatant lie. On Friday afternoon Trump stated that the FBI conduct a “supplemental investigation” to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file. Trump states that this investigation must be “limited in scope and completed in less than a week.” Kavanaugh has stated that he has “done everything they have requested and will continue to cooperate.”   

As stated earlier most Republicans have shown support to Kavanaugh, however, after the hearing, a few senators on the fence decided that an investigation would be the best course of action. Among these senators is Arizona Republican Jeff Flake. Flake has agreed that the supplemental investigation is the best course of action. The other senators that were on the fence that joined Flake were Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, and others. The final vote was tentatively scheduled to take place on October 2nd, but now with the FBI investigation, it will likely be delayed into the following week. The Republicans hold a thin majority in the Senate, so they need all the votes they can get. The Democrats will continue to hold their position against Kavanaugh.