By Taylor Tyan

After a long NFL season, the New England Patriots were recently in their ninth Super Bowl with Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick this past Sunday in Super Bowl LIII. They have won their sixth Super Bowl title out of the nine that both Tom and Bill have been to.  

With this being such a prolific winning team they have made a mark in history which has created what is known today as the Patriots dynasty. No other NFL franchise has achieved this reputation to be known as their own dynasty. The Patriots have developed such a strong reputation for themselves and because of the amount of times they have either attended or won the Super Bowl, they are now considered to be one of the most hated franchises.  

During the last Super Bowl, many sports pundits viewed the game as New England versus everyone. It seemed as though people from all around the country were in up arms that yet again this team was making an appearance. Throughout the week’s prior to the event comments were being made regarding Tom Brady’s age and the overall competitive nature of this team. Many sports fans were projecting that Tom Brady should be retiring because he is too old to play and is no longer in his “prime.” However, even after these types of comments were being made, the large amounts of negativity did not stop him from achieving success on the highest stage of the game. Many different sports fans were posting all over social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, that it should no longer be called the Super Bowl but rather the Patriot’s Invitational. Back in 2014, the “Deflate-gate” was an NFL controversy involving the allegation that Tom Brady purposely deflated the footballs used during the playoffs in order to better his performance. As a result, he was suspended for four games in the beginning of the next season and the Patriots team was fined $1 million and lost two draft picks. This is just one of the many examples of the allegations made against the New England Patriots’ dynasty.  

The dynasty that the Patriots have developed in which no other team can relate to has resulted in this jealousy and animosity among non-supporters of New England. It is a known fact that no other team recently has won the Super Bowl three times within the six years of each other as of the 2000’s. With the help of Belichick and Brady, the Patriots cycle in new talent every year and yet they still find a way to produce high caliber Super Bowl winning teams.  

Overall the New England Patriots have solidified their own spot in history throughout the Brady and Belichick era. It is a known fact that Tom Brady has more rings than every other franchise in the league except for the Steelers in which they both have six rings as of 2019. That on its own is an amazing achievement that will take a lot to outdo. Many New Englanders are proud to be a part of this Patriots dynasty and will continue show their pride in “Title Town.”