Is ‘Saturday Night Live’ Great Again?


By Gary Enoksen

Just over a year ago, we were asking ourselves, when is SNL calling it quits?  Last week, we saw a performance by Melissa McCarthy mocking Press Secretary Sean Spicer, which raised the bar for the late night sketch comedy program.  McCarthy radiated a lot of attention from the media where she was asked to return for another round Saturday February 11th.

SNL is taking political moments from Donald Trump’s election to their advantage to create hilarious satire that America loves.  In the LA Times, Stephen Battaglio, a contact reporter, wrote an article on how NBC’s late night sketch comedy program is having their most watched season in 22 years.  The show has increased their average audience by two million since last season.  Alec Baldwin, a 58 year old actor who is popularly known from the American sitcom “30 Rock,” started the Trump impression on SNL, and America cannot get enough of it.  Baldwin is not shy when showing his true opinion of Donald Trump as our elected President.  Baldwin even took his opinion to Twitter, responding back to Donald Trump’s tweet that the late night sketch was “one-sided.”

Trump tweeted: “It is a totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all.  Equal time for us?”

Baldwin fired back with multiple tweets asking Trump to focus more on improving our reputation abroad, make efforts to retain Americans so we can create jobs, and improve the lives of as many Americans as possible.  Baldwin told Twitter that this is what he would be focusing on if he was president, not late night satire.  

In fact, Trump tweeting about the show is only making it easier for the show to come up with each week’s script. Trump’s behavior has helped direct more attention to the show, increasing the number of viewers each week.  NBC’s late night sketch comedy program is using Trump’s election to its advantage to help bring back the viewers they once had.  These past two weeks, we have seen actress Melissa McCarthy, who is famously known for taking on hilarious roles, on SNL, impersonating Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  McCarthy’s impersonation of Spicer brought tears of laughter to America’s eyes.  Spicer has been criticized over his performance the past few weeks, and SNL jumped on the opportunity to take it on.  McCarthy’s impersonation was so spot-on that she brought in 35 million views on YouTube.  Melissa took on everything from the gum chewing to the frantic behavior Spicer is so well known for.  America would not be surprised to see her come back later this season.  

How is Melissa McCarthy making Saturday Night Life great again?  Many cited her performance as one of the best Saturday Night Live moments.  Even Spicer agreed with the media that Melissa put on an outstanding and over-the-top hilarious impersonation of himself.  America may have expected to see an impersonation on Spicer’s press conference, but many did not expect to see a women take on the role.  Trumps behavior and decisions are bringing in more entertainment, bringing our once favorite Saturday Night Live comedy show back to life once again… Trump, we thank you for making SNL great again.