By Brian Costa

From the way our world eats today, it seems that we may be eating ourselves to death. Our foods have become worse along the years and have sprouted an epidemic for obesity. We tend to go for foods that are fast service or prepared quicker, not paying attention to anything that can actually be harmful to our bodies. Fast food companies have been able to make us think that their meals are much cheaper, which has also caused people to believe that cooking at meals at home from all natural ingredients is the expensive way of eating. If we all learned how to eat better, there would not be so many issues in the world that we have with obesity and diseases.

People want to eat foods that are already prepared for them, to help consume time. We live in a world where everything is on the go and we sometimes may choose for the quicker options. We should try to pick the options that are better for us, with better ingredients and quality. Since we live in this world where everything is constantly on the go, there are ways to choose better choices. Meal prepping has been something that a lot of people have picked up, prepping their meals for the week, and actually being able to see what goes into their foods. Some may say that they do not have enough money to be buying all healthy groceries, which is why people tend to order out. Buying your own groceries does not have to be expensive. By the time you add up your bills from restaurants, you would be able to see that in fact, eating out is far more expensive than buying the groceries and making the meals for yourself.

Eating healthy does not have to be hard, it can be as easy as just looking at what different types of ingredients the product contains. The more ingredients in a food, the worse the product is for you and probably should not be consume too much. By being able to pay attention to these ingredients in the foods that are provided to us, we would be able to see the actual dangers to these foods.

Fast food companies constantly advertise how cheap it is to eat at their restaurant and how convenient it is. This is what most look for, because of their busy days. If you have a family of four go into a fast food restaurant, you would find that their bill would be much more than making their meals. This is also why Americans have been struggling with one of the highest obesity rates to date, because of the unhealthy choices they make. The other difference from eating a meal at home compared to eating at a fast food restaurant would be the empty calories being consumed. The meals that are prepared at these restaurants are mostly processed, cooked in high fats along with refined carbohydrates. After consuming a meal like this, this meal will not keep someone full due to the empty calories eaten. Eating more nutrient dense foods is what we need to be doing, such as cooking meals at home, to help keep us fuller longer.