By Shea Kondratowicz 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sophomore, Chris Sheehan from the rugby team. Chris got involved with the Rugby team this Fall. Last year, the men’s Rugby team placed second in the Beast of the East tournament and let up only 7 points in the whole tournament. This year they made playoffs in the Fall and in the Spring the rugby team hopes to win the Beast of the East.  

What’s your part of rugby? 

Chris: I like when the forwards set up into a pod, which involves a high level of communication and teamwork.  

What position do you play? 

Chris: He mainly plays flanker, but he occasionally plays middle row, and eight man. 

Could you explain to me what those mean? 

Chris: All three are pretty much the same thing, they’re all forward positions, but we’re kindabigger guys. In terms of football, it’s kinda like a middle linebacker, tight end or full back.  

How did you get into rugby? 

Chris: My suitemates made me, but I was really athletic in high school and they thought it’d be fun if I played. 

I don’t know much about rugby, so what’s a standard game like? 

Chris: There’s two ways you could play with 15 people on each side, or 7 on each side, at Bryant we play both but 15 is our main season, and in 15’s the game lasts 80 minutes and it two 40 minute halves of running time. Throughout the game, it takes a combination of forwards and backs to run a series of pods in order to score a try, which is basically a touchdown, on defense you are lined up in a straight line behind where the defense is and on defensed is a big repetition to match up with the people in front of you. 

Did you have a rugby team at your high school? 

Chris: No, but I wish we had because I love playing now.  

How has your routine changed since becoming an athlete at Bryant? 

Chris: It hasn’t changed at all actually, it’s a club sport so it’s like 2 hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and our games are Saturday morning and we lift on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s pretty manageable.  

What would you say to someone who is interested in playing rugby? 

Chris: Don’t be afraid to try new things, and step out of your comfort zone, and make new friends. Go bulldogs! 

Go check out Bryant Rugby this Spring, their schedule is posted on their instagram@bryanturugby, go give it a follow!