Improved facilities inspire Bryant athletes to reach new heights

The Conaty Indoor Athletic Center allows Bryant athletes to practice year round giving them a leg up on NEC competition. (ABC6-Providence)

by James Giumetti

Over the last two years, Bryant athletes have gained some new facilities to keep them strong, healthy, and always training. Last August, just over 500 student athletes gained access to a brand new strength and conditioning center. The center is located right behind the near end zone when coming into the football stadium. This monster of a facility is 10,000 square feet stocked with state of the art equipment. It houses a 50 yard strip of turf, 30 squat racks, and a sound system to keep athletes working hard. Most student athletes’ favorite part of the strength and conditioning center is the nutrition station. After a tough lift, they can help themselves to post workout drinks such as chocolate milk to help with the recovery process.  After a year of the facility being used, staff and athletes have gained appreciation for this tool and its help towards building strong athletes on the field.

Just this year, in May, the Conaty Indoor Athletic Center was built and is located by the baseball field. This enormous 80,000 square foot indoor facility has 120 yards of indoor turf  making it the largest indoor facility in the region, even larger than the New England Patriots’ practice facility. On each side, there are viewing areas so coaches can be close to their athletes during practice. The facility allows teams to be able to practice in any season without the worry of poor weather. This gives Bryant teams an advantage over their opponents as they can now prepare at all times. Not just student athletes will be taking advantage of the turf area, club and intramural sports will be able to access indoor athletic center for practices. The Conaty facility was a major addition for athletics here at Bryant. Student athletes and coaches are very fortunate to have such an amazing facility at their fingertips.  

Another important new athletic facility that was built is the Chace Wellness and Training Center. It was also unveiled in May, being brand new this year for student athletes to take advantage of. The training facility is meant to keep athletes on the field and return injured athletes to the field as soon as possible. The center does just that with state of the art medical tools and rehab equipment. Over a dozen tables for taping and treatment are available. The treatment equipment includes STIM, an electrical pulse treatment, Game Ready, an ice compression machine, and ultrasound machines. There is also a full rehab area to complete physical therapy exercises as well. Last but not least, the training center contains a hot tub, cold tub, and an aqua jog tub. After a tough day of working out and practice, these are key to refreshing athletes’ bodies allowing them to be ready for the next day. Student athletes need their bodies to be in tip top shape, and the new Chace Wellness and training center is a huge improvement from the previous year. As Bryant athletics climbs the ladder up Division One, these facilities help dramatically and the student athletes couldn’t be more thankful for them.