By Anthony Frigo

As Bryant Business students, we all know how difficult it is to find our dream job or internship. It can be a stressful time for many students have yet to capitalize on a Summer internship or full time job. It is important to know that you can never have too many resources to help you further your career in the business world. With the addition to all the helpful services that Bryant University provides, another great sources that is highly used by job employers today. This source is known as LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 546 million worldwide users.

LinkedIn, which can also be called the “Facebook of the business world”, provides a place to help you connect with different professionals worldwide in just about any position imaginable. It allows users to connect with their friends, family, and business professionals. The business world is highly competitive so every resource you have can be crucial to helping you find a job. It is nearly impossible in today’s world to a receive a job offer unless you know someone at the company. By networking on LinkedIn, it allows you to connect with alumni and future employers to help make a positive stride into your next job.

Creating a profile is easy, however making your profile standout can be more difficult. Nowadays nearly everybody is using LinkedIn in some form to help them get hired. Now it’s time for you to you to make your profile better than the rest. The first step is a professional profile picture. It’s important to make sure your profile picture is updated and taken at a high resolution in a business setting. You don’t want to have a blurry picture yearbook picture from your sophomore year of high school. Next is to make sure your list all of your relevant skills. Simply scroll through list of skills and identify all of those that are relevant to you. You want to make sure that you aren’t picking every skill on the list because it might come back to hurt you later down the road. However, by applying relevant skills to your profile, its gives a better description of yourself to give employers a better sense of who you are. Next is to grow your network as much as possible. You can sync your contact list, email address book, and Facebook account to your LinkedIn profile which makes it very easy for you to connect with people. From there LinkedIn recommends people you may know, and is simply easy as a tap to connect with them. Connecting with more people will only help you, so make a strong effort to grow your network as much as possible. As your number of connections grows, your profile will strengthen.

Now it’s up to you to take these tips and apply them to your own profile. Use these tools to your advantage and help you grow as an individual in the business world. Good luck and get those jobs!