How to Deal With Dreaded Student Loans


By Brandon Flamand

Student loans are scary. Almost all college students have them and stress about how to deal with them even before they graduate. Here are some ways to alleviate this stress, obtain some resume boosters and actually enjoy the college life.

1. Work Study

Most students that take on loans are offered a work-study. Work-study’s are great chances to make money without even having to leave campus. Bryant University offers excellent opportunities to take on a work-study. Hours are flexible so there is no need to stress about not being able to study or finish homework. The best part about a work-study is that you don’t need to own a car. The work-study jobs at Bryant are less than a five-minute walk from anywhere on campus. Work-study’s are an excellent opportunity to make money (whether it be spending money or saving money) all whilst still having enough time to get schoolwork done and have a social life.

2. Off-campus Jobs

An off-campus job might be an even better opportunity to help pay off loans. Schedules can be created in order to appease to out-of-school agendas. Bryant is located in close proximity to Providence (around 20 minutes), where job opportunities are plentiful. Bryant offers free transportation to Providence through the RIPTA. Finding an off-campus job has become easier due to the numerous career fairs and the Amica Center. Not only will an off-campus job provide an excellent addition to a resume, but it will also be a good way to earn money while generating a great experience.

3. Scholarships

Scholarships are not just for freshmen. Many organizations continue to grant scholarships to students of all grades. Some of these scholarships may not even be fifty dollars, but every little bit counts. Just take two hours out of a day, searching through various different scholarships and maybe write an essay or fill out application forms. A simple Google search of “scholarships for college students” will generate thousands of results and give useful information about saving money for college. Scholarships are free money for either being a good kid or having good grades so make sure you take advantage of them.

4. Learn to Budget

Money management can be a difficult task throughout the college experience. College students have a tendency to want to go on adventures, going out to eat, and going into the city,

meaning money will be spent. I am not saying to stay in every night, but there are ways to manage money in an intelligent way. Banks now offer a program to dedicate a specific spending amount a week so no one goes over budget and students may practice good money management skills. Managing money in college is important, especially in preparation for loans.

College can be the best years of your life and you won’t have the opportunity to get these years back. Do not spend a majority of your time stressing about future loans. Bryant provides tremendous opportunities to receive a great job after school and loans will eventually be a thing of the past. Enjoy the time here, spend time with friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime.