By Courtney McGuinness

Students at Bryant University embody pride and hard work throughout our community. We strive to learn about how to be successful and what we can do to prosper. With the season of job interviews coming up for those in search of an internship or full-time position, it is our time to shine and show what we have to offer. Although confidence is key when being interviewed, there is nothing settling about walking into a room filled with people ready to determine part of your future. So what can we, as students, do to settle these nerves? Practice, practice, and more practice. With these upcoming tips in mind, you will be rocking your next job interview!

A great place to start is the Amica Center, located in the Unistructure. The center offers great services such as resume reviews and mock interviews. These are one-hour long, filmed sessions where you can receive feedback on your skills and gain  better insight into what to expect. You can even go online to their website and find a very helpful PowerPoint on everything you need to know about interviews. Another helpful step is to look up frequent interview questions so you can begin formulating your responses. This will help you to organize your thoughts into detailed yet concise responses. Researching the company before will show them that you really are interested and will help to stimulate conversation.

There are a few things everyone should take with them to an interview. Get a nice portfolio and put in a few copies of your resume, and include any work that you have completed in the past that is relevant to the job you desire. This allows the interviewer to see your skills and get insight on what you have to offer. Also, include a pen and notepad for any notes you may need to take. Have references ready and available to save you from rushing through your phone when they ask. It is a good idea come with questions, as it is very common of an interviewer to ask if you have any. You can ask questions about what the company has to offer, the working environment, and what they offer for future growth.

Make sure that you arrive fifteen minutes early so you are prepared and ready to go. When you arrive at the interview, make sure you are appropriately dressed. Aim for a professional look that suits the company’s style and culture. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed. The first impression is very important in how an employer forms an opinion of someone, so it is essential that you remain calm, show your enthusiasm, and give a firm handshake.

During the process of your interview, make sure that your answers are authentic, and really put you above other candidates. Express your skills and what will make you a valuable asset to the company. Try to avoid any nervous habits you may have. Body language can be a distraction, so work on not fidgeting in your chair or playing with your hands. Instead, focus on eye contact, sitting up straight, and being responsive. Make sure you talk at a steady pace and demonstrate confidence in your responses.

Once the interview is completed, ensure that you personally thank each person who was involved. Follow up with a thank you email, showing that you appreciated the time they devoted to you. This may put you above other competing candidates as it shows you are a respectful and dedicated individual.

With these tips, you should be ready to ace your next job interview. It is important to plan not only during the interview, but the time before and after as well. Show them that you are a hardworking and confident individual who will help the company excel. With this information and all the tools Bryant has to offer, your next interview will be a success!


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