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By James Freirich

Hello fellow savvy intellectuals! If You’re reading this then you have just made an excellent choice.

Why does this article have such an energetic tone you ask? Well, I invite you, yes you, to explore the world of The Points Guy (A Travel Blog). Generating (about) 13 million monthly viewers, 4.6 million monthly visitors, and 2.1 million social media followers, The Points Guy is one of the world’s leading travel blogs. Founded by, CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Brian Kelly, The Points Guy masterfully educates consumers on the tips and tricks they can use to flourish within the travel industry.

The Points Guy wasn’t always a superpower in the world of travel blogging however. In 2010, Kelly-then a technology campus recruiter for Morgan Stanley-started The Points Guy as just a small travel spending consulting/blog company (on the side) which raked in only a mere $50 per consultation. As destiny would have it however, Kelly-at the advice of a friend- would begin tapping into the monetary benefits of affiliate marketing. (Note: Affiliate Marketing, according to, is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission.)

As time would go on, The Points Guy would become a globally recognized brand whose following has attracted banking, travel, and hospitality corporations alike. From discussing lucrative credit cards, their sign-up bonuses, and the various amenities and perks that the cards offer; to detailing the most exquisite and luxurious airline, lounge, and hotel products; to delivering readers breaking news regarding travel deals, flight restrictions, and loyalty programs; The Points Guy should be every consumer’s go to bookmark.

The Points Guy even has its own mini series [TPGtv] which shows (among other things) some of the most opulent first class airline products in the world. Want to get a taste of what an intercontinental Emirates, First-Class, Lie-Flat experience under $100 is like? Check out TPGtv and you will!

Now, why am I promoting The Points Guy?

Good question, and I will tell you why.

The first reason is that as college students we have a finite amount of resources- two of those being time and money. As (most) college students however, we don’t plan on staying [in college] forever. And so by the time we graduate; enter the adult world; start planning those bucket list trips; and begin mentally preparing ourselves for the eventual car, apartment, or mortgage loan application, we want to maximize the time and money we have and will spend.

Did I mention “The Points Guy’s” motto is “Maximize your travel.”

And so as savvy intellectuals, we want to invest our time where it’s best spent. Right this instant for example, you’re reading this article. The reason you’re doing so (other than loving the sound of my written voice) is because you value your time, want to stimulate your brain, and want to learn some very useful information (financially and personally). Thus, we [consumers] want to invest our time and selves into products such as The Points Guy (among other informative periodical corporations/companies) because it’s a knowledge based investment that will yield

fantastic future financial and personal dividends. Otherwise, why are we investing in products in the first place?

In some of my earlier articles, you may have noticed how I continually harp on maximizing the money you spend: daily, monthly, and annually. The reason I do so is because the more we [consumers] become familiar with the ins and outs of the credit card, travel, and hospitality industries, the better situated our FICO Scores, money management skills, and return on investment(s) (ROI) will be. (According to Forbes, “Socking away money that you don’t touch is paramount to success.” Thus, responsible money management skills correlate to increased productivity and efficacy.)

Now, let’s talk about that second reason [for promoting The Points Guy]. If there’s one thing Bryant [University] inspires, its-per the school motto- “The Character of Success”. I’m introducing you to The Points Guy today because when I think of Brian Kelly and his company, I think of how an entrepreneurial individual-just like many of our business students (Hence the Bryant University Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO))-never stopped pursuing something he loved [the points and miles industry], and eventually decided to leave one of the biggest Wall Street firms on the face of the earth [Morgan Stanley] to make his passion his full time job.

As Elon Musk loves to say, “Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into an abyss.” As I noted above, Kelly’s journey to what The Points Guy has become wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There were times when The Points Guy had an extremely minute revenue system. However, he was able to figure out business strategies that would allow him to thrive in his market. Here at Bryant, we inspire our students with the lifelong pursuit towards finding their passions, figuring out how to thrive in their desired markets, and living a life worth living. Brian Kelly has done all that and more, and so today we shine light on his accomplishments; savvy consumer strategies that he implements to maximize his daily, monthly, and annual ROI; entrepreneurial and hard-working nature; and (of course) company The Points Guy.

Welcome to The Points Guy.