By Nick Poli

Have you ever been driving around campus searching for a parking spot and can’t seem to come across an open spot? Well, I most certainly have, several times. It has gotten to the point where I do not want to leave campus to go anywhere during the week, because I’m afraid that I will have to walk all the way back to my suite from the AIC or the townhouses. Parking has become an issue here on campus as the number of admitted students continues to grow each passing year. Each of the past few years the number of accepted and admitted students has grown, and it is not anticipated to slow down. I am sure that some freshmen are bringing their cars on campus, which I don’t care about because sometimes there is no choice, I understand. However, I think it might be time for Bryant to clear some space behind Hall 3 and 4 to put in an addition parking lot. The lot does not have to be massive by any means; people will be happy that lots of trees will not need to be removed. All that we need is a decent sized parking lot, with anywhere from 50-100 spots available. If you live in Halls 2-6, you are affected by the lack of parking the most. For example, I moved back in from Winter Break a few days early and I was forced to park all the way next to the athletic fields. I was able to find a parking spot but it is just extremely inconvenient to walk all the way across campus every time I want to leave. I live in Hall 3, and if I don’t get a spot in the two lots immediately behind that hall, then the walk back to my suite turns into an adventure. As bad as it may sound, I know a lot of students who resort to parking illegally, refusing to park completely across campus. Sometimes, we can get away with this for a small amount of time, but if we leave our cars there overnight, forget about it. DPS will often ticket students for parking illegally, which is understandable since it’s their job to do so. I’m sure they don’t like ticketing students, but the school is almost forcing their hand with the lack of spots. More parking sports would be beneficial to everyone, students, faculty, DPS, and more. The school would not have to worry about anyone parking illegally, and they would be able to continue admitting more and more students each year. This will benefit the students significantly in the sense that they will not have to worry about hiking across campus each time they want access to their vehicle. I don’t believe that this is too much to ask. I understand that we are fortunate to not have to pay for a parking pass, however, it would be greatly appreciated by the students if a small parking lot was created behind Hall 3 or 4. The lives of hundreds of students would be made easier with just an additional 100 parking spots.