By Brooke Maker

A rising trend in the marketing and advertising industries is the ability to make target ads for people of a certain audience segment. Companies use this as a way to personalize, individualize and make the ads people are seeing more interactive. When someone sees an ad for a product or service they are interested in or relate to, there is a higher chance that person will respond to the ad in a positive way. There are tons of different ways to target consumers based on certain characteristics. For example, when you search for a tropical vacation and you may find yourself getting ads for that trip weeks later. This method is used by companies across the nation and is revolutionizing the way people are seeing ads on many different platforms. BrightLine is a company focused on giving other industries, companies, and brands the ability to take advantage of technology available for over-the-top, OTT, advertisements that can be targeted to a certain audience segment. BrightLine’s main platform is Smart TV, or advanced or connected TV. They use industry trends and stats to deduce that this platform is the route they want to go. On their website, they provide sources for all the information they have posted.

BrightLine uses InCAST which, according to their website, is the “industry’s most powerful Advanced TV suite” (BrightLine). They use this technology to create personalized advertisements that are both interactive and in depth. Major companies like BMW, Gillette and Hennessy have used BrightLine in order to create one-of-a-kind advertisements for their consumers. For example, BMW created an advertisement where a viewer could use their smart TV remote to rotate the vehicle being advertised and get a 360-degree view of the car along with other interactive abilities.

Recently, BrightLine has collaborated with another company, Nielson, specifically for the Nielson Marketing Cloud software. This software is designed to enable marketers to control all aspects of their marketing process in one simple space. Companies that use this software are granted the access to Nielson data and analytics. Since streaming TV has become so popular as of late, these two companies teamed up with one goal in mind: to make ads that show up on these TV streaming sites more personalized, individualized and, of course, interactive. According to the Wall Street Journal, BrightLine has been collecting data at the device level for the past few years. This research and data collecting has focused on which ads perform the best on different types of streaming applications and devices. With the help of the Nielson Marketing Cloud, BrightLine will know exactly which devices are being used and what the characteristics of those houses look like. This partnership allows companies to know what to advertise to people, in order to make the advertisement worth their time, and get results.

With this method and OTT advertisements still being new, BrightLine along with Nielson is optimistic for what will come. They want to focus on creating a footprint for this form of advertising and, according to the Wall Street Journal, BrightLine has already raised $20 million for this project. They want this footprint to attract more companies and advertisers to buy these new forms of targeted ads, specifically for streaming apps and devices. As the industry for targeted advertisements grows, and marketers become accustomed with it, these companies believe that there is a real demand for what they have to offer.

Streaming TV is increasing with the amount of apps and devices there are nowadays, but how will consumers act about this new form of targeted advertisements? Will they even realize they are being targeted or think it is just a coincidence? These questions along with many more may be answered as time goes on and this market grows. Companies like BrightLine and their collaboration with Nielson Marketing Cloud is just one example of how powerful this form of advertisement can be.