Former Miami Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga Dies at Age 80


By Aysecan Coral

H. Wayne Huizenga was a very important name for the sports world, especially for football, hockey and baseball. Born in Illinois, lived in Florida, the owner of 3 sports teams and a Fortune 500 company, the 80-year-old recently passed away from cancer in his Fort Lauderdale home.

H. Wayne Huizenga was raised in a Dutch family amongst the Dutch community of Chicago. With his families move to Florida, to the Fort Lauderdale area, he started his garbage collecting business by buying his first garbage truck. His company Waste Management’s grew bigger and became a Fortune 500 company. After visiting a very popular store at the time: Blockbuster he made a big move by purchasing it. The company owned around 20 stores and in a short amount of time he added 25000-3000 more stores, helping the company grow. He was also very successful in sports management, where he owned 3 sports teams and cable TV named Sports Channel Florida. He owned Dolphin’s, Marlin’s and Panther’s where he did many important deals with sports players. He won World Series championship with Marlin’s and the Panther’s reached final. These were big accomplishments in each team’s area of sports. He managed 3 themes at the same time but had to sell two of them during the times of hardship. He stayed the owner and creator of Panthers until 2017 when he retired. His sale of Marlin’s was seen as the worst move amongst the sports world and was judged amongst people.

Other than his sports management career, he had a personal life where he got married twice, with Joyce Vander Wagen and Martha (Marti) Jean Goldsby. He met Joyce at an early age, they got married and had two kids named Wayne Jr. and Scott. Their relationship ended 1966 with a divorce. Then in 1972 he married Martha (Marti) Jean Goldsby who was born and raised in Florida. They had three kids named Robert Ray, Peter and Pamela. The couple stayed together until 2017, when Martha Jean Goldsby died after battling with cancer for more than 10 years. He has 5 kids and a total of 11 grandchildren at the moment.

H. Wayne Huizenga in his personal life was interested into yachts and was a supporter of the Republican Party. He owned the 43rd longest yacht in the world which he bought from an Australian professional golf player. He also owned some land near West Palm Beach, where he was able to turn his passion into a business by opening a Yacht and Golf Club. One of his other personal interest was towards the Republican Party and he was known with the help and donations he made towards the Republican Party.

Living a life to the fullest, owning three sports teams which are Dolphin’s Marlin’s, Panther’s and many companies such as Waste Management’s, Blockbuster business man and sports manager H. Wayne Huizenga died at the age of 80 in his Fort Lauderdale home on March 22 of this year. He died like his wife Martha Jean Goldsby from cancer just a year later from her.

He left behind a huge success both in sports and other businesses. The sports world is sorry for the loss and is devastated about the sad news.