By Thomas Maranian

Countless amount of times, you may find yourself stressing over what your true-life purpose is. Perhaps you are already on a path towards a specific goal you have been aiming to achieve. You might have spent the past three or four years doing a job you are reluctant to go to. The key to success is to follow your passions and continue to do what you do best.

Everyone has that one relative or friend that makes you think twice about your aspirations. Maybe they question your hopes because they expect something else of you or they think that what you hope to do cannot be done. Everyone has the job to completely shut out those negative thoughts and emotions from your brain and continue to do whatever it is you love doing. If you love writing and want to continue your career as a writer, then don’t let anyone stop you. If you’ve always wanted to go to space and hope to discover life beyond this earth, then don’t let anyone say otherwise. The only one who controls your future is yourself. At no point in your life should your future be dictated by someone else.

But perhaps you might not know what it is you want to do for the rest of your life. A great way to think it all through is to go into a state of complete silence. Pick a favorite spot in nature and simply think about your life for an hour or two. Leave all technology behind, don’t talk to friends, and shut away all distractions from your mind. Get a little crazy and have a discussion with yourself. Ask yourself questions regarding what you like doing, what you’re good at, and what you want to see yourself doing in the next ten, twenty, and thirty years of your life. Explore your options and keep an open mind. You will never have a worse regret than living a life you weren’t happy with.

Whether you are a good writer or not, grab a piece of paper and write everything down. The best way to retain your thoughts and feelings is to document it. You might find that you love the outdoors and want to be an environmental scientist, a botanist, or a professional landscaper. You might discover your true passion is being a leader. Maybe you want to start a business or be a certified public accountant. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to become a teacher. The idea is to

brainstorm everything about yourself that makes you, you. Anything you don’t particularly love doing, do not write it down. Disregard these things from your life and only focus on the positives.

Now is the time to put your passions into play. Once you have your ideas instilled in your mind, start taking action. Move forward with whatever it is that makes you happy. The great thing about finding your passion is that you can start whenever you want. No one can take that ability away from you. If you have discovered in your brainstorming session that you want to take your artistry skills one step further, then become an artist. Start writing the next bestseller, start to make a new piece of technology that will revolutionize the market, start to find ways to save the environment. Never back down from your aspirations. There is no time like the present. You have thought over your past, you have an idea for your future, and you are in the present. Ever second wasted is a second regretted. Make it happen.