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As the seasons are changing from fall to winter, the trends in fashion are progressing into something new. There is much colder weather, the Christmas season comes and goes and eventually the start of a new year; but, there are also new trends that will change the fashion world.

For women, the fashion world is constantly changing; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. This coming winter, the trends start with huge, puffy coats. From living at Bryant University, every student knows that it is crucial to own a coat, as it is about 10 degrees colder and windier on campus than it is anywhere else in Rhode Island. The most popular coats are being sold at L.L. Bean. Specifically, the favorite one being Baxter State Winter coat, which is an army green jacket with a fur hood. Although this jacket is $279.00, it is very easy to find a cheaper coat at Target for $50.00.

Another trend has been occurring for the past few years and is becoming increasingly popular is booties. For those of you who must be living in a box, booties are shorter boots; some have heels and some do not. Rather than spending over $100 on these shoes, you can find a great quality pair, also at Target, for about $30.00.

Yet another ongoing trend that has officially become popular in the last few are the blanket scarves. Blanket scarves are huge scarves that consist mostly of plaid patterns and are almost as large as a smaller blanket. While these scarves are actually a piece of clothing that does keep women warm, it is also something that makes or breaks an outfit. There are many scarves found everywhere, usually ranging from $10.00 to $30.00. Anywhere they are sold, they are around that price range.

Lastly, a new fashion statement that is coming back from the 1980’s is “ugly” Christmas sweaters. With the holiday season just around the corner, there seems to be an abundance of the patterned Christmas sweaters in stores all around the mall. These sweaters seem to be getting more popular because of the “vintage” look, and are actually becoming a great trend that is well-liked around the holiday season. These sweaters can be found at stores like American Eagle, Target, and Walmart and range from $20.00-$40.00. These sweaters are a great way to look good and feel good during the holiday season.

With new trends coming around nearly every single year, the ongoing trend of vintage coming back seems to be happening more frequently. It is important for every woman to have their own sense of style, and these are just a few suggestions to keep a woman in touch with the fashion world.