By Jared Teixeira

What kind of electronics can I take to Laptop Central?

Laptop Central can help with any electronic issues you have. Whether it is your Bryant issued Laptop, Cell Phone, Video Game Console, Personal Computer, Smart Speakers, Smart TV, or even Smart Watch, Laptop Central will always try to provide assistance with any troubles you are having.

How does Laptop Central choose what laptops we get?

Laptop Central goes through a one to two-month selection process where we compare multiple laptops models and vendors. Getting the best laptop possible is Laptop Central’s number one priority, and we strongly encourage feedback from students. Student feedback is extremely important to Laptop Central as we use it to help narrow down laptop models for future classes. If you have any positive or negative feedback regarding your current laptop, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can Laptop Central help me if I have WIFI problems?

Laptop Central can help with any student WIFI concerns. Oftentimes, the network team is unaware when there are problems with students connecting to the WIFI. The only way that they become aware of any problems is by students contacting Laptop Central to voice their concerns. Laptop Central is in constant contact with our WIFI team to ensure that students have the best possible experience.

What kind of Laptop specific problems can Laptop Central help with?

Laptop Central can help with all types of laptop specific problems. Laptop Central fixes all software problems that include lagging, glitches, and viruses. Laptop Central also fixes hardware problems such as, touchpads not clicking, touchscreens not working, keyboard not typing, and laptops not turning on.

Laptop Central didn’t fix my problem the first time, why should I go back?

Troubleshooting laptops and electronics is a tricky business that often involves trial and error. Laptop Central strongly encourages students to come back if their problems persist so that we can try another option.

Will I be charged for any repairs to my laptop?

Laptop Central only charges students if the repairs void our warranty. For example, a student would get charged if they spilt a drink on their Laptop and there was clear evidence that this caused it to break. In addition, if a student’s Laptop was dropped, causing damage, Laptop Central would need to charge the student in order to pay for replacement parts. Laptop screen cracks are also not often covered by our Lenovo warranty.

What kind of cables does Laptop Central sell?

Laptop Central sells HDMI cables (Laptop to TV) for $5, Coaxial cables (TV to wall) for $5, 10 foot Ethernet cables (better Game Console connection) for $5, 50 foot Ethernet cables for $10, 10 foot printer cables (since wireless printers do not work on our WiFi) for $5, Targus Backpacks for $40, and Official Lenovo Chargers for $50.

How can I contact Laptop Central?

Students can contact Laptop Central by calling 401-232-6550 or emailing Laptop Central’s email is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any questions you may have.

When is Laptop Central open?

Laptop Central is open Monday-Thursday 10am to 7pm, Friday 10am to 4:30pm, and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. Laptop Central is also open Summer, Winter, and Spring breaks from 10am to 4pm.