By James Ciliento

Recent studies have shown that only 5% of drivers pay less than $50 a month for car insurance, Ever Quote is changing that for many. Car insurance can burden a lot of car owners. There are so many car owners in the world that are overpaying for their car insurance. Ever Quote is a small service that compares quotes so that owners are not accidentally paying too much. Ever Quote is a free service that continues to blossom, it is an efficient service that attempts to give consumers low rates when it comes to their car insurance. Many car owners were simply not aware of how much they are being overcharged for their car insurance until two MIT math graduates came up with Ever Quote. These students have disrupted the auto insurance industry ever since.

There was no good way to compare quotes from so many of the large car insurance companies. Before Ever quote, care owners had to jump from one website to another, re-enter the information again, and then compare car insurance quotes. This was far too complicated for many drivers which leads many to not even undergo the complicated process, which is just one reason why so many overpaid for car insurance. Ever Quote completely changes this process, it has all the information needed to compare quotes in one place. Ever Quote is comparison shopping marketplace, not an insurer and was featured in the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies in 2017. It has been giving drivers exactly what they are looking for and that is lower car insurance quotes. Amber Ritchie, an Allstate insurance Agent is quoted saying “Ever Quote has provided me with the best quality leads. Unlike any other vendor we have worked with, we have been able to quote

the majority of leads we have purchased from Ever Quote.” She is just one agent who is quoted praising this simple startup service along with other agents and agency owners.

When looking at car insurances, which every driver must do, comparing quotes is essential. The free services provided by the booming Ever Quote is giving this technologically advanced society to easy to not spend more than you must on car insurance. If it has been more than six months since a driver has compared their insurance quotes, and even if it those rates are low, they could still be paying too much. It has been proven that since drivers have started to use Ever Quote, they have been able to save hundreds on their insurance bills. There are simple steps that drivers need to use with Ever Quote. Once you are on the site, just enter your valid ZIP code in. After, some simple driver information is required, following that will be a list of you personalized quotes from top-rated car insurance companies and agents local to you. It is remarkable how such a simple site has saved and will continue to save people money on their car insurance quote.