By Zeuxan Yang

Apparently, up to now, Trump’s support rate had bottomed, and his comments on Twitter were improper, as people did not agree on his plan for rebuilding the U.S. In the Olympics, people were still proud of U.S. unique statues in the world instead of believing Trump’s theories about the crisis of the future of the country.

           I tried to have an in-depth knowledge about him. Obviously many people, including leaders in other countries, were concerned about his mad behaviors. The reason that Trump is abnormal but will still got a lot of votes is mostly because of his change of the status quo, which attracted many people’s attention, compared to other politicians, like Hillary Clinton. In contrast, she repeatedly demonstrates her slogans of benefiting Americans again and again.

           Until this time, it was essential to confront American political patterns. It was acknowledged that the separation of three powers was the cornerstone of the politics in the countries, which was the promise of our successful economy. Undeniably, the best system in the world gave rise to the fast growth of society and GDP of U.S., but as time goes on, racism and social conflict are becoming severe.

           For instance, policies concerning forbidden guns were obstructed. The National Rifle Association endeavored to stop laws from being enacted in Congress that promote the public’s safety. This indicates that the democratic system was eroded because power, easily abused by a minority of interests groups who gather together. They control funds, power, media and so on.          In general, today’s problems are more unfavorable than people’s imagination. In a way, this is the cause of Trump claiming that the isolationism would save U.S. This odd theory was stated earliest in 19th century, but in today’s global world, it is both impossible and dangerous. Some analysts said that this was another disaster. If Trump were to impose high tax in the trade with China, this would be harmful to the American economy.

The U.S. has faced with trade deficit especially since China has joined the WTO. Though a heavy tariff could temporarily preserve the opportunities of American workers by vanishing the import’s adverse effect based on China export’s loss, China would take the same measures to protect itself so it would be a lose-lose prospect. In today’s interconnected world, Trump’s ideas are imaginative but infeasible.

However, there are still a lot of people who support his views of “American First”. Thus, he can still win. In the over 200 year history of the U.S., the nation has once gone through isolationism to defend itself. But following World War 2, it rose to the world’s strongest country, along with the more frequent communication with others. Now that the importance of globalization is indisputable, Trump still ignores the trend.

           However, there is no doubt that American economy is at great risk, causing some people to vote for the mad candidate. As previously stated, the urbanization of the country after the war, interest groups crowded into it and controlled the mainstream voice of people, which took advantage of the flaws in systems. On the other hand, welfare system could be the culprit of the economics issues. After 2008 world financial crisis, U.S. unemployment rate rose to 10 percent, illustrating that worker’s rights, salaries, and opportunities need attaching importance to politicians.

Hillary is also fulfilled with indeterminacy, as Obama’s policies haven’t been successful. His healthcare act failed to lower government healthcare expenditures. Instead, it resulted in the government’s bankruptcy and debt’s increase again, which was helpless.

Another liberal, Sanders, admired the Northern Europe’s style socialism, and advocated government to equally help everyone. For Hillary Clinton, the matter is still undecided. She supported Obama’s TPP trade deal but went on to speak skeptically about globalization.

In closing, Trump-type populism ideas resonated following the recession. However, Hillary’s policies lean more towards realism, though she is still disadvantaged by Obama’s inadequate assistance to the poor.

In other words, fewer constituencies show confidence to these two candidates any more. In reality, they all contain a great uncertainty. For the most vital point, the U.S. needs a change-making leader. The election shows what happens when the extreme left and the extreme right confront their parties, but after all, this anger is directly attributed to the nation’s economic slump in general.