The hip-hop world, OVO, and everyone’s very own heart throb, Drake, is planning on releasing his new album “More Life” this month. The original release date was back in 2016, but due to his label making some changes, the world will not be blessed with his new work of art until sometime in the near future.

This album has not received as much hype as his past albums – like “Views” – which may be because Drake has been rather low-key recently. Besides changing his Instagram bio to– who would have guessed– “MORE LIFE,” the only thing to keep his fans running are the singles he has released in preparation for the full album. To keep the momentum going for the release, he gave his fans a sneak peak of a new song called “Hush Up the Silence” on February 6th, which is a collaboration with the Nigerian singer Wizkid. Wizkid is no stranger to Drake’s music. He was also featured in Drake’s hit “One Dance,” which quickly topped the charts right after its release. His other works, like “Fake Love,” “Sneakin,’”which features 21 Savage, and “Two Birds One Stone” are all hits within themselves, but it leaves his fan base wondering what the whole album will consist of. Drake himself describes it as a body of art to act as a middleman to intertwine his major releases like the ones stated above from the rest of the album, and the songs that have not been heard by the masses quite yet. This idea of a bridge also represents something to smooth out the gaps, as he states, in the album. They simply represent the area of limbo his fans are seeing in between his already released singles.

Not only does the rapper himself referred to his upcoming album as a “body of art,” he also has the intention of “More Life” becoming the playlist and soundtrack to everyone’s lives, especially for his fans. It will be no surprise to anyone if he astounds us yet again with his musical magic.

Needless to say, although there is not much to be said about this album thus far, the upcoming release means we do not have much longer to wait. Based on the few singles already released, it sounds like yet another album of Drake’s will have hit after hit topping the charts, blasting in cars, and playing all throughout campus.