Humankind always ask if we are good or bad, as if there is an actual line between black and white. We constantly forget about why human exist and why we are alive. We are nothing more than a species, the meaning of our existence is the continuation of species, which means that the meaning of life lies in reproduction and survival, everything else is just not that importantThis means that self-confidence, success, passion, love, etc. are not essential to life, not to mention morality, rules and right or wrong. The instinct of mankind is to survive without restrictions, only because we have a thing called humanity is always trying to suppress evil, and this society has created laws for harmonious development of the whole world, as a game rule that restricts people’s behavior. So, do we all have the potential for evil? Absolutely yes. 


In the zombie movies, there is always a scene like this: innocent people who are not infected with zombie viruses standing outside the siege and hope to be placed in the shelter before being attacked by zombies. They never get in because no one can guarantee that everyone will be saved. The government officials and soldiers can only shoot at the people to scare them away and let them continue to fend for themselves. This is not the cruelty of editors and directors. This is just logical decisions that reasonable human being made when faced with things are impossible and stressful. In this era where we are abiding by the law of jungle, the reality is such a bloody one. Perhaps in many cases, in order to survive, we have not the time nor the ability to take care that of others. If we follow moral standards, then we are not loving enough, not good enough, we are selfish, we are evil, but where is this line drawn? we are not gods, we do not make rules. 


Maybe life and death like that of an apocalyptic event is just too serious, then let’s talk about the little things in life, namely: abortions, wars, and eating meat. We only do those such things to live, to survive, and to make our own lives better. What did the pigs ever do to you to deserve an axe knock or electric shock? Is bacon too good to give up? What have sharks ever done to you? Please do not be fooled by the movies, they are not interest in hurting human at all, and even if sharks bite you by accident, they will swim away after realizing that you are not their food source. But because the shark finning business is such a lucrative industry coupled by a market for the tasty shark fin soup delicacy, we as profiteering human just cannot forgo the opportunity. Also, what did monkeys, or any other endangered species ever done to deserve a pending extinction, to be removed from their natural habitat by our kinds, and to be closed in the cages for the sake of human amusement? Is it that they are not one of our kinds, hence their lives are less worthy of our attention? So, the question is can we live fine without doing those stuff? Of course, we can, just because we are the most capable species on earth doesn’t mean we can make rules of the game and do whatever we want, because after all, we have legal restrictions of same kind, and we are morally conscious of our doings? 


In the latest hot American drama show “Why Woman Kill”, the play not only discusses betrayal in marriage, but also involves thought-provoking topics such as the background of the times, feminism, affection and love. They are eager for true intimacy while pursuing women’s freedom. How to master this subtle sense of balance has become a problem they have to face. Beth is a dignified, considerate housewife. Most American family models in the 1960s were dominated by patriarchal culture, and Beth’s marriage was no exception. She is willing to give up her dreams for her husband, to cook for her husband at home, and to fulfill the duties of a good wife. Even if the neighbor told her that her husband is having an affair, Beth would deny that reality is that someone else is wrong. When she knew that she could not get her husband’s love and knew that her daughter’s death was caused by her husband’s affair, she decided to take revenge and design her husband die under the gun of another man with a domestic violence. The potential evil was always in her and she was too busy to pursue other stuff, but in the end, she finds only that evil can free her from all the lies and pains, so she did it, sold the house, and live happily ever after.  


Why so many people love violence? Because it makes us feels good, the adrenaline soaring made so many people addicted such things like sports and fights. Some people say that boxing is a violent aesthetic. Some people say that Muay Thai is a cultural output. Some people say that Israeli women’s self-defense (Krav Maga) is a must-have skill for women. But all these above are originating from the bad side of human being. If no one watch boxing game and gamble on it, no one will get hurt. But does people really care about your wellness? They absolutely do not, the only thing they care is the violence and the thrill of the body. And about Krav Maga, if there is no such thing as so many evils in the world, who needs to learn how to defense themselves.  


There is only one kind of martial arts in the world that is different from othersTai Chi. It is not for the purpose of hurting others. Instead, it is trying to beat the opponent by taking advantage of his strength. It can also be used to calm the mind and cultivate the mind and body. But let’s think back, if there is no evil inside all of us, then what are we calming, what are we defeating? 


Evil is always in us, or should I say we all have potentials for evil. When humankind just born, they are just too young to understand things and do not know how to do evil. By the time they have the ability to do evil, their parents have already instilled the right and wrong in this society to the children, let them know what can and can’t be done, and plainly, just like the monkeys in the circus. The society thinks that the right thing will be rewarded. If you do something wrong, you will be punished. If you do something in the gray area, everyone will pretend to be invisible. As long as the law does not cover, no one can do anything about evil. In addition, although human nature has weaknesses, it is like the law of all time, often complement each other, there are black and white, there are men and women, there is yin and yang. The greatest role of human nature is to balance your own good and evil. Of course, who said that this is not a manifestation of humankind’s arrogance?