Discussing NCAA Player Salaries


By Sam Giardina

The NCAA along with the coaches of the teams in the NCAA make billions of dollars while the players’ are not making one dollar of it. Since it is the season of the NCAA March Madness Tournament the fact that the players do not make any money is an interesting topic of conversation.

USA Today had released their annual list of the coaches’ pay which had included more than one coach making over $7 million a year, fourteen coaches receiving over $3 million, and sixty-six making about over a million dollars every twelve months. Mike Krzyzewski’s total pay, the coach of Duke, is the highest at $8,982,325. Players might be entitled to scholarships and other perks, but they most definitely are not making close $9 million dollars.

In February it was learned by an FBI wiretap that Arizona’s coach, Sean Miller was caught discussing a $100,000 payment deal to ensure freshman, DeAndre Ayton would be recruited to play for the Wildcats. Ayton is very likely to be selected in the top three of the 2018 NBA Draft. This brings up the fact that coaches are living off these high salaries solely because of the work of their players. Without the players’ talent and skill, ultimately the NCAA as well as the coaches would have no source of income.

Even former President Barack Obama stated that the NCAA’s current system is not exactly a “suitable way of doing business.” He suggested that is not serve as a “farm system for the NBA with a bunch of kids who are unpaid but are under enormous financial pressure.” The players in the NCAA are kids in college. They have plenty of financial problems to worry about as well as their education and doing well in the tournament itself. Kentucky coach, John Calapari, thinks that players that have the potential to get drafted for the NBA should be eligible for loans through the labor union that represents NBA players. Everyone has their own opinion on what the NCAA should or should not do however the one thing that stands is the fact that the players are continuing to earn nothing compared to their coaches.

However, no matter the situation on the sidelines of the courts regarding pay, the NCAA tournament continues to be one of the most watched things on television. This year’s tournament especially, has been extremely popular with the amount of upsets that have occurred. UMBC, a 16 seed, beat Virginia, who is a number one seed with the score at 54 to 74. Following that upset, Arizona, also a number one seed, lost to Buffalo, a 13 seed, 68 to 89. Yet again, Tennessee who is a number 3 seed lost to Loyola Chicago who is an 11 seed. There have been even more upsets which has made this year’s NCAA tournament that much more exciting.

Basketball continues to be a great game on the court, and fans are dedicated to watching and rooting for their teams to win, despite the fact that they are not exactly getting paid much of anything for all that they put into the NCAA.