By Brooke Williams

In an attempt to write about anything but the coronavirus, I searched google for a good amount of time, search after search, nine times out of ten, often ten out of ten, every single article was dealing with COVID-19. Recognizing we are in the midst of a pandemic and everyone is looking for information and answers. But, once I stopped trying to avoid these articles, I began to notice a pattern, if the article wasn’t about the government’s dealings with the pandemic, it was about the “failing” economy, “a soon to be depression”, negative impacts on mental health, weight gain and everything in between. The commonality between them all is negativity, understandably it is hard to look at a Pandemic and think of any positive but as the quote goes “every cloud has a silver lining” – John Milton

Every morning I wake up and turn over to begin scrolling through my phone and social media, and every morning I am humbled to see the human race looking after one another. Whether it is applauding nurses and doctors at their shift change, singing happy birthday from a distance to a neighbor, buying groceries for an elder, or just spreading positivity, it is the simple acts of kindness, the bare and genuine authenticity of the human race. The media, specifically with new channels I have noticed have a way of embellishing on all the bad news and instilling fear that is so evident in the lives of the audience. No one knows what the future looks like and no one knows when this will end, but the fear we all have in common has created a thread of support for one another.

Did the world need this? I asked myself as I drove by families of five on a walk, and thought to myself the last time they had the opportunity to do so, or the last time those three brothers in their twenties had played a game of Wiffle ball in their front yard. 37 minutes, just over a half of an hour, is the average amount of time American families spend together in a day of 24 hours (American Families). Living in a world fueled by money and dominated by competition we often find ourselves continuously pushing away the things that mean the most for the things that in the end mean nothing. Time is something we never can make back but we all take for granted, this pandemic has allowed and more so forced families to spend quality, in-depth time with each other. No one hopes to be in this situation, but by looking at all the things it has put on hold, has allowed everyone to take a step back and remember what matters most. Life will eventually move on, return to the old normal and this will become a part of our history, but for now, we can all try and find the silver lining the unexplainable and extraordinary bond the human race is experiencing, we are as close as ever while being at a complete distance.