You probably noticed the numerous amount of Sigma Chi brothers in white t-shirts covered in signatures on Monday as well as the colorfully decorated buckets full of coins in the roto. This week is Sigma Chi’s annual Derby Day Challenge. A weeklong event that corresponds the sororities on campus with the Sigma Chi, Lambda Eta chapter. All week long, a ton of different events take place that help raise money for their cause. Their international philanthropy is The Huntsman Cancer Institute. The HCI is an NCI-designated cancer research facility and hospital located on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. Huntsman Cancer Institute was founded with a pledge of $100 million of personal wealth from Jon Huntsman, Sr., a philanthropist and businessman. Huntsman was also a Sigma Chi. Huntsman has donated more than $250 million of his own money since Huntsman Cancer Institute was established. HCI was chosen as Sigma Chi’s preferred philanthropy because many Sigs and their families have been directly affected by cancer, the second-leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, men have an approximate lifetime risk of 1:2 for developing the disease; for women, the risk is 1:3. (

Senior Steve Patierno is running the show this week, and he is called “The Derby Daddy”. He has worked tirelessly over the past year to make sure this year is super successful. “In the past we have raised over $10,000, we want to go above and beyond that!” The week first began with brothers creating small groups of teams. All week long, groups try their best to raise as much money as possible, as well as raise “points” to see who the derby champion is. On Sunday, sisters of all of the sororities and other members of Bryant’s campus, came together a bid on “draft spots”. These draft spots determined when and whom that team would pick. When the girls picked their brothers, they created team names and designs. The first event was “Sign a Sig”, where all of the teams had to sign every brothers white t-shirt. People began knocking on doors and walking brothers up at 7am. On Tuesday, there was a team handball tournament, and on Wednesday there was Photo with a Sig, which was the same rules as Monday’s event. The week is not yet over. Thursday night, there is a Karaoke Fundraiser at The Thirsty Beaver. Friday there will be a cookout in front of Koffler Lawn. You can donate coins or online donations to any team. The purpose of these events are to be fun, while still raising money and raising awareness.

There are many reasons why people on Bryant’s campus “Derby”. Matt Gosselin, a junior and brother of the Sigma Chi fraternity, derby’s because of his family. “I derby for my grandmother and aunt, both of whom have battled cancer. The Huntsman Cancer Institute is such a great cause and it makes me extremely passionate to derby and fundraise for them every year”. Ana Deacon, a sophomore sister of the Delta Zeta sorority and member of the derby team “Teach me how to DZ” derby’s to raise awareness. “Evert small effort counts. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and far too many families have been touched by this disease. As a university, we can make a real difference.” Julie Fougere, who is also a sister of the Delta Zeta sorority as well as Sigma Chi’s sweetheart Derby’s for her dad and all of the other family members. She wishes everyone a Happy Derby Week and invites you all to help fundraise!

Cancer has impacted most of our lives and it is our generation’s duty to end this awful disease that has impacted our society. you can donate all throughout the year at  We are the generation that will end cancer, so please help fundraise so we can end this disease!