By Mathias Frei

Did you ever wonder why Crossroads RI is Rhode Island’s largest homeless organization? This not-for-profit organization has a new philosophy of treating homelessness, and they believe that the best way to treat homelessness is to eliminate it instead of reducing it. Their mission is “to help homeless or at-risk individuals and families secure stable homes”. One example is Terry who had been in the streets during a cold winter. Cross Roads RI supported him in finding a safe place instead of the hazardous streets. They have faith in giving homes to these unfortunate people like Terry in order to end homelessness. Some people think negatively about helping people who are homeless, but Crossroads RI believes in investing in the homeless community.

The early history of the organization, started in 1894 when they began serving the most susceptible people in Rhode Island. At that time, they were founded as Travelers Aid of Rhode Island. Their goal was to assist individuals who came to Providence in search of work, and many of those in need were young women. Over the years, Crossroads RI has evolved to meet the needs of the most defenseless people in our state. In 2004, they took the name Crossroads Rhode Island and moved from downtown Providence into the former YMCA building at 160 Broad Street.

The most important service that Crossroads provides is the housing program. The housing first program offers clients with a special transition that supports them when they enter into the complete program of services. The organization has their amount of permanent supportive housing units in the state of Rhode Island. This program includes “single adults, adult couples without children, families with children, and formerly homeless elders”. Even though the main purpose of this organization is to provide a home to homeless people, the housing program is not the only one of importance. Education and employment is also substantial tool to the program’s progress. The education and employment services team is dedicated to giving job training, excellent adult education, support to homeless and people involved in life risks in which they can’t control. Additionally, there is a last service that is essential in order to complete the whole program. This service is known as shelter; it offers a “safe respectful effective” shelter to families and individuals who are experiencing a homeless emergency. They operate many different shelters in order to serve the needs of people in this situation.

Fundraising is important for a not-for-profit organization because they need to search for third parties in order to increase their audience. Corporations, civic groups, and individual donors contribute to Crossroads RI. The main type of fundraising action are the sponsors, who are in charge of funding the organization. Indeed, the sponsors are the ones in charge of funding the organization. They are essential in order to keep the non-profit economically stable.  Furthermore, the leadership circle represents the highest level of giving. Their support is vital for organization’s work. The staff and board of Crossroads RI is extremely thankful for this funding which permits them to move forward with their duty of supporting families without places to live.

In conclusion, this organization proposes a well-develop interest in the community that would help speed up its own growth. As it is a non-profit entity, their focus is not on the money, is on the development of their service and their support to their philosophy of eliminating homelessness. For instance, them intend of supporting this affected people is above the standards. Being the largest homeless service institution in Rhode Island, this organization stands out in the competitive field. Crossroads RI intends to remove this problem of homelessness, because they believe in the future of healthy communities.