By Derrius Perryman

Due to the spread of the Corona virus around the globe recently, many sports games and tournaments have been canceled, some modified. The NBA season was suspended, and the NCAA canceled all remaining spring and winter championships, including the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. MLB has also canceled the remainder of spring training and NHL has suspended play. The Tokyo Olympics have been officially postponed until 2021.

It is believed that the NFL season should start on time in September and that President Trump hopes to have fans back in stadiums sooner rather than later. However, I don’t believe it is likely because I don’t know how we could have any big sports resume with any sort of normalcy before there is a vaccine for the corona virus. NFL RedZone network is helping fill that void. The NFL announced that the entire 2019 season of RedZone action will be re-aired in chronological order for 17-straight days.

Some may ask “What an athlete does while their sport is at a halt?” With most sports on lock down, most athletes and stars took to social media to let us know what they were up to during his time at home. Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry decided to try out some mini golf trick shots around his house. The catcher from the Chicago Bears, Wilson Contreras simulated baseball with his brother in their way to stay ready for 2020. Memphis Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant pretended to do a game intro in his living room in full uniform and posted it to TikTok. Some players even decided to take up new hobbies during this time. Charlotte Hornets’ center, Cody Zeller took to twitter to let his followers know that he tried to learn to play guitar but gave up after lesson 3. Liverpool’s Gini Wijnaldum is trying to keep busy by trying Ping-Pong. Jeff McNeil infielder for the New York Mets is trying to be the best Monopoly player. Other athletes like Serge Ibaka built his own gym because he is hoping to stay in tip-top shape when his sport returns.

Serbian soccer player Aleksandar Prijovic has been sentenced to three months of home detention for flouting a curfew imposed to stop the spread of corona virus. There has also been a death in the sports community due to corona virus. Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey, who played in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints died late Saturday while struggling with complications from the corona virus. Though it seems like a distant hope, sports will return, fans will slowly but surely come back to the ballpark and life will resume. Sports would be happening within weeks if not days of each other. We’re not sure when but it’s closer than it seems. Although that day may seem far away right now, when it happens, the sports viewing public will be in for several of the greatest months of live sports viewing that the world has ever seen. Until then stay safe!