By Karni Murray

At a Sales Club meeting in January I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Adam Alpert, the co-founder of The app he co-created helps college students find short term remote jobs. I was skeptical of the app at first but downloaded it and followed the prompts creating a mini-resume on the site. Three days later I had a message from the owner of a high-end painting company based in Providence, RI. We scheduled a phone interview and followed with a meeting to determine if his business needs were compatible with my experience in assisting him in social media growth.

Following that meeting I had a paying consulting job I could work on during classes or in my free time. My work has allowed me to learn Google Business, obtaining a new skill, and applying it to a business. I now work regularly on updating the company’s web page, social media posts, and growing its digital presence. As a marketing minor, this experience has been invaluable. I have completed the company’s Google Business page while learning about the process of working with Google and the analytics behind the platform. In addition, I am currently working with the company’s web designer and am learning about the website reconstruction process. Seeing my skills grow through this freelance job has been exhilarating.

In just three short months of using, I have gained experience, have been paid for my time, and have become a “Vetted Pangean” an experienced student an employer can hire for short term work.

Why do businesses choose Pangea? This platform is attractive for small businesses whose time is stretched thin or don’t have extensive resources to hire expensive media consulting firms. An example of a small business that could benefit from Pangea could be a yoga studio. The owner could be an individual who wants to spend their day teaching classes rather than focusing on the business’ social media platforms and websites. However, the owner also understands that the advertising they would get from a social media page is almost required for their business to survive today’s world. This is where Pangea is a perfect resource for the business. The business can have a specific short-term job and the app, using specific keywords, can connect Pangeans who have the skills the business needs.

Pangeans can work on short term jobs that work around their class schedule. They can work from dorm rooms or student centers between classes while gaining experience in their field and building a resume of completed freelance positions. Students also gain valuable skills interviewing for positions, talking about their skills, and communicating with their employer. Working remotely is a skill in itself (which we are all learning during this time with Covid-19) learning how to manage your time and not losing sight of deadlines.

I believe Pangea will bridge the gap for students who want to gain more experience in their perspective studies as well as make money. Before joining Pangea I thought about getting a job at a local retail business to have some spending money. With Pangea I am able to earn more money than I would have working a minimum wage job while spending my time building skills that I will be able to use in my career.

If you have lost your part time job on or around campus because of the circumstances we are under right now this could be a great opportunity for you. Download from the app store and begin to explore the opportunities on the platform.