By Kristin Kennedy

On Feb. 14, 2018 the CAS celebrated Love Day! Appropriate that the day fell on Valentine’s Day as we all highlighted some fun ideas about the College of Arts and Sciences in our respective departments.

The Mathematics Department had particular fun at their table with different activities for students, faculty, and staff. Professor Niu read palms for anyone interested and quite a few people were highly impressed with his accuracy! Professor Smith cajoled people who visited our table as an expert in astrology. Everyone was fascinated to consider whom they might be most attracted to, while thinking of each person’s astrological sign.

We also had a large poster board illustrating famous mathematicians and other world-renowned individuals who used mathematics in their own careers. Visitors to our table were also given the opportunity create their own Valentine’s Day card with a catchy mathematics phrase.

Lastly, we asked everyone to consider two questions and write a response. For fun, here are the two with some appropriate responses:

1. What was your greatest mathematical accomplishment, no matter how big or how small?

Learning multiplication tables up to 12 WITH SPEED!

Being able to add 2 + 2 without using my fingers!

When I complete an Excel spreadsheet, I feel it’s a mathematical accomplishment!

Pushing fear aside and enrolling in Honors Calculus during my senior year of high school!

Passing my first actuarial exam!

2. What is your most treasured Math memory?

Using math to solve escape room puzzles or Sudoku

Pushing through Calc I and Calc II with Capalbo – AWESOME CLASSES!

Receiving a 100% on my Interest Theory test!

The moment it all clicked!