Coca-cola bottle surrounded by leaves

By: Varun Arvind

Coca Cola has been a dominant force within the soda industry for decades, but recently they’ve realized that they need to branch out in order to stay dominant. Recently, the soda company has started talks with Aurora Cannabis Inc. to develop a marijuana-infused drink. Aurora Cannabis is a licensed cannabis producer, headquartered in Edmonton.

The drink isn’t meant to get a person high, but rather produce the same effects as medical marijuana. This is possible due to CBD or cannabinoids. There are two parts in marijuana, CBD and THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol); THC is the mind altering, psychoactive part of marijuana, the part which is usually portrayed on TV. CBD, however, is not psychoactive, and does not change a person’s state of mind. The body has two types of receptors which marijuana affects: one which affects coordination, pain, and emotion. THC usually attaches to these. The other receptor is more common in the immune system and affects pain and inflammation. CBD instructs the body to make more of these receptors and as result relaxes the person and reduces pain. Coca Cola and Aurora Cannabis Inc. are trying to create a drink with the same benefits.

On Oct 17th, marijuana is going to be legalized. Due to the legalization, this is the perfect country to test out the drink. According to law, people over 18 and over can legally do marijuana. This opens the door for so many opportunities, including the venue of CBD-infused drinks. As of now, this market is very difficult to replicate in the United States because on a national level, the use of marijuana is still illegal. However, everyday, marijuana is being used to treat more and more problems. It is only a matter of time before these drinks come to the United States.