Source: Bryant Bulldogs

By Devyn Vinson

When the calendar changes from September to October, many Bryant students find themselves getting back in the swing of school. Long days in the library, club meetings, and early mornings suddenly seem commonplace; almost as if Summer 2017 never happened. October brings the intramural sport show-down, where teams from across campus compete in different athletic endeavors to find out who is “the best.” For other students, this time of year is when they feel underwhelmed by their schedules, even with the added time commitment of an intramural sport. Classes, homework, and intramural sports simply do not seem like enough to keep them busy for long. For these students, the added commitment of a club sport may be just what they are looking for.

Club Sports at Bryant University are a way to practice and maintain athletic ability in college without the commitment of a Division I team or the inconsistency of an intramural sport schedule. Club sports teams at Bryant have practice schedules much like Division I teams and often do have access to the new athletic facilities on campus. Most teams even have practices or workouts going on all year round to keep athletes engaged.

The club sports offered at Bryant are subject to change, but most often include: bowling, dance team, cheerleading, women’s crew, men’s ice hockey, karate, racquetball, men’s and women’s rugby, squash, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, and men’s volleyball. Often, club sports exist for sports that do not have a Division I team on campus; in fact, tennis is the only sport with both a Division I team and a club team.

Bryant Club Sports are required to have an Executive Board, much like many clubs and organizations on campus, while still having captains and/or an athletic leadership structure to ensure corporative teamwork is occurring. There is also a Club Sports Council Executive Board who oversee club sports as a whole. Within the Club Sports Council is a budgeting sub-committee that helps the club sports program allocate funds efficiently.

Funding for club sports is provided through the ways and means committee, dues and fundraising per player, and funding through the athletic department. Most club sports do not charge more than many other clubs on campus, making it an affordable undertaking.

The commitment level of each club sport varies from team to team, as does the leadership structure and group dynamic. When thinking about joining a club sport team, it is important to reach out and make sure you have compatible goals. If you are worried about the schedule a club team may have, you should reach out to current players and find out if the team is right for you. Club sports are not for everyone; however, they are a good midpoint between a Division I team and an intramural team.

If your intramural team is not offering you enough of the sport you love, think about reaching out to learn more about a Bryant club sport that is close to your heart.