Clowns haunt college campuses: Is Bryant next?


When you think of the month of October, you think of the seasons turning and pumpkin spice lattes. Many also cannot wait for their favorite holiday of Halloween, where they can dress up to be anything and everything. But this October has been a little different. A recent epidemic has hit across our country and now on college campuses near our own. Creepy clowns have been reported wandering aimlessly in towns across America. A sick new trend has started where people are dressing up as clowns, with freakishly scary masks and weapons, and propping themselves in different locations. The origins of the sightings were first reported in Greenville, South Carolina where a little boy was being lured into an apartment by two clowns before escaping to his mother. From there, it was all downhill. Many thought this was a joke or a social media laugh, but one sighting multiplied into hundreds over the past week and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down. Although Police Departments on the Campus, Local, and State level all say that it is nothing to worry about, the videos of bloody masks and creepy smiles chasing kids and cars is not pleasing. America’s sinister new trend has blown up in a matter of days. Th e @Clown_sightings Twitter account has over 112,000 followers despite being active for a day and tweeting fewer than 100 times. There have also been many Instagram accounts and videos surfacing all over the internet.

Over the past week, our neighboring colleges such as Sacred Heart, University of Rhode Island, Providence College, Merrimack College, University of New Hampshire, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Quinnipiac University, and University of Connecticut have reported sightings of these clowns with weapons such as knives. This crisis is something not to “clown” around about. Residence Halls have been evacuated and campuses have been on lock down due to these sightings. Students have formed groups of search parties and riots to stop these menacing clowns from entering their safe campuses. Although there is a lot of skepticism and scare, nobody knows if these allegations are factual or false. Officials across the country are urging people, especially college students not to give in and to not be afraid of this hoax.

The Archway asked many students how they felt about this scare and a variety of answers came up. Sophomore Cameron Ballard said he is very scared about the situation and doesn’t like clowns to begin with and hopes they don’t appear at Bryant. Sophomores Jess Calder and Mike Pirotta both stated that they hate clowns as well but said if they attempt to come on campus that they are messing with the wrong bulldogs. “We need to be strong, stand together and fight them. But if they have weapons, yeah I will run out of here.” So Bryant University students, be prepared, because you never know what will come knocking on your door.