China and their president Xi Jinping are urging that President Trump and his administration not racket up the already high tensions dealing with North Korea. The reason why is that recently North Korean media propaganda outlets stated, “North Korea could reduce a U.S. strike force to a sea wreck if it’s provoked” (NPR). This announcement comes as a response to a collection of  United States navel vessels sailing near the Korean Peninsula more specifically the Philippine Sea. Where they are participating in joint navel exercises with Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Likewise, President Xi Jinping stressed in a phone call to President Trump that he hopes that the United States will not ratchet up the already high tensions that the Asian region is experiencing currently. More specifically Jinping stated that he “hopes all parties remain restrained instead of intensifying the situation” (NPR). In addition to these provocations China is also dealing with the fact that North Korea has supposedly detained another United States citizen. As well as the fact that North Korea has also stated that it plans on participating in another nuclear missiles test. The Missile test has been scheduled to occur on the North’s celebratory day for the creation of its Military.

The supposed United States’ citizen is actually a Professor in North Korea that holds citizenship for both North and South Korea as well as citizenship for the United States. The professor was detained prior to getting onto his flight in the airport in Pyongyang. However, its been reported by Pyongyang University that the Professor’s arrest is in no way connected to his academic work. However, the North Korean government is keeping its lips shut on the true purposes for the arrest.

Furthermore, to add more fuel to the already huge fire North Korea has voiced new comments, which they state that they are not afraid to destroy any American navel vessel if it provokes them to do so. Likewise, the North has also stated that it will use quick and preemptive strikes if the United States does in fact initiate any provocations.

Furthermore, there are questions as to why the North Korean Government has detained an academic scholar who holds citizenship in North Korea as well as in both the South and in the United States. Yet the only obvious reason is that the North plans to use the detention as a bargaining chip in international negotiations over its nuclear program, which is technically banned by international law. Also, many think that the bargaining chip could also be related to the North’s aspirations to re initiate its coal trade with the Chinese. The reason being is that China is basically the North’s only customer.